RFC: Web3 education platform (with built in Forum for discussion)

What the Idea is

A web3 learning platform that focuses on having everything at one place and promotes learning environment along with the built in forum to ask questions or to start the discussion while getting rewarded for learning.

Why the Idea is important

We are swimming into the ocean of web3 resources or roadmaps but for a new learner everything will seem overwhelming or confused. Our Ultimate Web3 Education Platform will try to solve the following issues.

One Place to learn Everything

Everyone who wants to get into building in web3, asks the same questions,

Where do I learn?

Which structure should I follow for learning?

Where do I go from here?

Is the resources/projects credible and will add value to my portfolio?

For web2, we can just go to freeCodeCamp and start from the very beginning, but do we have any One For All solution for our web3?

We are trying to build the ultimate platform which will help anyone to get started with building in web3 along with endless possibilities.

We want to have,

  • Structured curriculum for every learning path

  • A place to test code at the same place

Forum/Comment Box to ask and discuss

If we take a look at web3 learning resources, there is no one place to ask questions. If someone wants to ask questions then that person need to go to discord and join specific server, need to have specific role to view the learning path/project specific channel then have to ask the question but still no guarantee if the question will be answered or not, which is kind of demotivating for the learners. And with the endless discord messages, it’s pretty easy to get the old and important discussion getting lost.

What if we have a forum/comment box added to each page of our learning resources where anyone can go and say,

Hey I didn’t understand this part of the solidity code and how it was used?

And anyone can go and reply and start a discussion for that. In that way,

  • We will manage to have same types of discussion at one place

  • Anyone can go and read the old discussions to learn or to give better solutions

Learning at your Own pace and get rewarded for learning

There are learning resources where people have to learn or build something within a certain period of time, otherwise they are not eligible for any learner’s reward. Which can be demotivating for many new learners.

WE aim to solve that, we will reward based on people’s learning outcomes but not based on their ability to learn really fast.

We will divide certain learning structure into smaller learning sections and will give Proof Of Learning but when all the learning and projects are completed then all together the learner will get their unique NFT/token reward.

Bonus feature: Promodoro Alert

Burnout and having trouble to focus on learning while staying motivated is something a lot of learners suffer, even developers experience the burnout or impostor syndrome.

We want to create the best learning experience by keeping all of these in mind.

How will this be Executed

We Education team ( @meowy, @pbillingsby.eth, @ropats16, @daviddale.eth) discussed the idea and named it EduChain, after that @Rahat mentioned about handing over his FrontEnd to Web3 and we had a meeting where we discussed how can we utilize what @Rahat already have and how our ideas and goal could align together.

We want to execute our ideas in these following ways.

  1. By creating small focused team, we will manage our tasks coordination

  2. Plan features, testing, design and flow based off comments

We plan on setting up micro teams which will be in charge of focused topic. For example: There will be one team that will collect and review contents which will go into the website for our learners.

We will also have advisors and reviewers for our application, we will take everything into consideration to make learning experience better for everyone.

Testing out features and designs will be our priority. Because of that we also want to collaborate with design guild to brainstorm the implementation of ideas and features.

For Project champion:

We want to have multiple champions to push this forward to our end goal but it will be decided later.


A brilliant initiative and looking forward to taking this further and making it happen.

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Love the initiative.
I would add an extra value we can provide: A platform where you can do a very important part of the dev process: Build a real project in collaboration with other devs.


@Erik_Knobl That honestly sounds incredible. Would love to discuss about it further on our next meeting. Join us.

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I LOVE the idea!!!

Are thinking in the direction of https://rabbithole.gg/ or a web3 Udemy?

Will this onboard users of web3 or make users to developers?

I myself am looking for the second.

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Woo! I’m interested in this proposed Web3 platform, and the platform’s learning resources would be great if they catered to people who can’t skill level progressively and form learning groups in the process.I would like to know how the learning resources should be integrated? What help can we provide on a part-time basis to achieve the goals of this proposal?

Looks like a great idea. This could potentially overlap with Phils apprenticeship idea, once people have completed these tracks.

When do you have the next call? I am also interested and would like to contribute. :slight_smile:

I think neither. We want something along with testing and writing code on the platform

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I think there wouldn’t be overlap with anything, because we separate this with education team or just make it execute better together

Please drop by the project channel and we can discuss

Hi there!

I’m the lead at web3.university! We launched in December (with other members @thatguyintech supporting) with pretty much the exact same high-level goals - centralizing the most useful developer education articles in one place from across the web3 dev ecosystem!

Would love to see how we can work together! Web3.University is decentralized and the collaboration of a number of organizations / creators web3 - @dabit3 is a contributor, and we work with OpenSea, a16z, Polygon, Flow, Pantera, Alchemy (my day job), etc.

which channel in the Discord is it? also can chat in person here next week: www.calendly.com/0xderic/30min

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Hi there, yes we are familiar with the incredible work of web3 university. Just set up a meeting with you on monday, we also think it would be a great opportunity for us. Would love to discuss more during the meeting. Looking forward to sit and discuss with you.

The project channel is in under dev guild —> dev guild: community project —> education platform

hi there, why dont you drop by our project channel and lets discuss in details.

The project channel is in under dev guild —> dev guild: community project —> education platform

Thanks man. Don’t forget you are on the education team also.

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It is very useful! I myself am looking for the available information on web3. I collect articles, guides, etc. There are very useful and unique about web3 development

Web3 elearning will change the way of education and it will help in many ways to students and teachers.