RFC Suggested Template

Hi All,

I’m proposing a template for future RFC’s to follow. This will ensure consistency across all RFC’s. Feel free to comment on the proposal and we can finalise a format to follow.

RFC Title:
Created: date

Brief Overview of Proposal:
If someone only reads this far, what do you want them to know?

Goals and Scope:
What is the expected outcome? What is included/excluded in the scope?

Background & Motivation:
What is the motivation for this proposal? What problem or need do you intend to solve or cater for?

What exactly are you doing? Include architecture and any process diagrams.
What technologies will be used?

What is the proposed timeline for the implementation?

Does the proposal require any 3rd party dependencies? (eg. Services, tooling etc…)

What known risks exist? What factors may complicate your project?
Include: security, complexity, compatibility, latency, service immaturity, lack of team expertise, etc.

What skills do you require for this proposal? (Please list all the skills, development or otherwise, that you seek from the community or those wishing to get involved.)


Great idea! Could we also get a template for the post title? Helps recognize them on the landing page. Something like

RFC #0: Brief summary of project [Guild name]

I think another valuable section would be “Relevant reading” or “Related projects”. These can be other projects within the DAO or external projects that are doing similar things. This will ensure that

  1. People check for similar projects before creating RFCs
  2. Existing projects will encourage feedback and blossom ideas
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Very good idea! I can’t think of anything more comprehensive than this