RFC: OHM fork Rebase Alerts

Rebase Alerts for OHM forks
Author: Keith Axline
Created: 12/5/21


Olympus DAO has pioneered a model for crypto networks to own their liquidity, and part of the model entails compounding the yield they pay out to stakers every 8 hours or so (varies by fork). This compounding is called a ‘rebase’.

Once you stake your OHM, you’ll probably find that you are really looking forward to checking to see if it’s rebased yet and if so, how much your stake increased in value.

There are now many rebasing projects based on OHM, and those have tens of thousands of users who are all now checking in on their wallets every 8 hours to see their new balance.

Rebase Alerts is a simple project that sends emails and text messages to OHM and OHM fork holders whenever a rebase happens and tells them how much their stake is worth.

An example message looks like:

KLIMA rebased! You gained 0.006143 KLIMA. 

You now have a total of 1.188571 KLIMA. Up 0.240671 from your initial balance of 0.947900, which is an increase of 25.39%.

If you sold it all now you'd get $811.51 That's a change of $11.59 since the last rebase. And a change of $(569.80) from your initial balance.

Price of KLIMA is $682.76.

I have already built the alert infrastructure for OHM, KLIMA, TIME, ROME, and GIZA. And in doing so have developed patterns to make it easy to add more. What I don’t have is a front-end for people to sign up themselves, or a desire to build one.

I’m proposing that DeveloperDAO team members build and maintain this service and develop it into a revenue generating micro SaaS for the treasury. This is a simple project that has work for all levels of developer, plus marketing and project management components. When people ask how they can contribute to DeveloperDAO, an answer could be: “Go find a task to work on with Rebase Alerts”.

On top of that, the infrastructure is a great way for Web2 developers to ease into the Web3 mindset. This project sets up RPC providers to several different networks and interacts with smart contracts on each one. Developers must learn about ABIs, ethers.js, and how to call contract functions from JS.

I have purchased rebasealerts.com for use with this project.

Business Model

This is obviously up for discussion, but I envision a freemium model where the first email alert for each user is free, and then they can pay different tiered subscriptions to add extra alerts and different delivery channels like text, push notification, etc. More premium features can be added as requests come in from users.

I would also recommend open sourcing the code so that developers could run a server themselves if they wish. We would only charge for the hosted version.

Market (TAM)

Here are the numbers of holders of the staked tokens that my current infrastructure supports:


sOHM: 77,031
wsOHM: 1,461


sKLIMA: 50,750
wsKLIMA: 1,949


MEMO (staked TIME): 179,443
wMEMO: 13,719

Plus smaller but growing amounts for ROME and GIZA.

If we limit the TAM to only these numbers, that’s a total of: 324,353

If we get just 2000 of these users to sign up for $5/mo, that $10,000/mo. for the treasury. I think we can do that and more.

Current State

The backend alerts work and I’ve manually onboarded about 8 people by editing the database directly. The alert is a single chron job that runs every 3 minutes to see if a rebase happens. If so, it sends out an alert to all phone numbers who have subscribed to a token’s alert.

To make this public, all that’s really missing is user management and a web form to take in some data from new users.

Work to be done


  • Build a front end at rebasealerts.com that does the follwing:
    – User signup/login
    – Form that gathers the following info from a user: Token name, wallet address, starting balance, value of starting balance in USD, email to notify.
  • Add new tokens as needed
  • Clean up and optimize infrastructure
  • Add monitoring



All of these projects have Discords with people actively looking for tools like calculators to help them gain visibility into their investment. This is likely the best place to find early passionate users.

Project management

How will everyone work together and get things done? Lots of work to be done here.


We are still very early to the rebasing concept. We could be the go-to tool for people who want hands-off alerting for their growing assets.


The biggest player in the space that I’ve found is:

But as far as I can tell they don’t have a product focused purely on rebasing. You’d have to wire up a Wallet Alert to a value increase, which may not pick up on all the wrapping and collateralization that Rebase Alerts can handle.

The phrase rebase alerts is likely the top thing people will search for when they are looking for a tool like this, and we have rebasealerts.com. Other tools may crop up but we stand to have the best SEO play.

Even if we find a product doing this exact thing, it would be good to see how DevelopmentDAO can be competitive in the space. Can we iterate faster? Market better? Find better product market fit? In my mind we don’t need to be first or unique, just execute the best.

Try it out

If you are staking any of these tokens, DM me and I can set you up for alerts in just a few minutes.


Olympus DAO docs
Bankless Podcast with Olympus DAO founder


What about sign in with wallet and auto-detect tokens that the site has functionality for monitoring? Then it displays the rebases based on the info it gathers from the user wallet?

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Also check out https://app.apy.vision/ if you haven’t already. They have a similar model to what you are proposing. They do liquidity pool analytics.

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Great idea for the ‘Connect Wallet’ functionality. Also, APY Vision looks cool … are you a PRO member? Do you know if they offer notifications on the PRO level?

If you want to discuss more we now have a channel #rebase-alerts-project

+1 for this, the rebase alerts work great and are super helpful.

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Members can now find the project repo here:


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This link isn’t working for me, and I don’t see it on the main D_D github.

It’s not a public repo, are you logged in and a member of the Developer DAO github team?

Ah. Gotcha. Will sign up for the github team now.