RFC: LSP and editor plugins for Fe


This is the a sibling RFC with RFC: hardhat-fe (Hardhat plugin to develop smart contracts with Fe), the hardhat-fe plugin is in a relatively mature status, implementing Language Server Protocol and editor plugins (VsCode, VIM, Intellij IDEA, Emacs, Sublime etc.) for the Fe smart contract language could be the next step to contribute to the Fe ecosystem.


Sophisticated editor plugins are required by any modern programming languages, including our new baby Fe, and we will follow the Language Server Protocol Server and Client best practice to make it.


We will implement the LSP server and VsCode plugin first.

Possible steps:

  • syntax highlighting
  • auto completion
  • display type definition on hover
  • go to definition
  • go to a symbol in current file
  • search a symbol
  • find all references
  • rename a symbol
  • change all occurrences
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You have my support and pr is on the way!

cool! let’s rock&roll! WAGMI! LFG!