RFC: Gitcoin Bounty Bot + Discord Integration

Gitcoin Bounty Bot RFC

This RFC is a work in progress, please comment suggestions/improvements where you see they can be made. Please publicly message the champion of the project (danialhasan#7329) for more info on this RFC.

What is the Gitcoin Bounty Bot?

A Gitcoin Bounty Bot is a simple Discord bot that queries the public Gitcoin API for new bounties to send into a designated “#bounties” channel.

Why is a Gitcoin Bounty Bot important?

This bot would allow for DAO members to see new bounties come up as they’re made, via the D_D discord server. It would keep all bounty info in one single channel that members can watch, which would encourage members to claim bounties that they can work on together.

How should the Gitcoin Bounty Bot be built?

This bot will likely use:

A simple process for the bot could be to send a GET request to the https://gitcoin.co/api/v0.1/bounties endpoint every minute, and send new bounties into a designated channel when they’re found.

The repo will be available under the D_D Github organization (GitHub - Developer-DAO/Gitcoin_Bounty_Bot: (IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT) This bot will use the Gitcoin API to post new bounties into different D_D channels.)


  • The first iteration of the bot may use webhooks. There have been instances where webhooks have assisted malicious actors with compromising discord servers to send misinformation into important announcement channels. This will be taken into careful consideration before the bot is ever added to the server.
  • The bot will be tested in a separate discord server. Please publicly message the champion of the project (danialhasan#7329) in order to gain access to this test discord server.


Project page: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Discord documentation: https://discordjs.guide/

Gitcoin API: Rest API - Gitcoin Developer Documentation


Fully support this idea. Thanks for writing this up, @danialhasan! Excited to see this in action soon


Great idea! Gitcoin’s discord has a Gitcoin Bot for bounties, just FYI…don’t know much about bot building or mirroring another dd channel.

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Absolutely support this. It makes sense to funnel these bounties to our members through discord.

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Would be very useful to have that working! Great idea :smiley:

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legend for moving on with this @danialhasan - can’t wait to see it working. is there anything anyone can do to help with the project?