RFC: Devie the Enforcer

RFC 2021-12-03-002 Devie the Enforcer

Title: Create RFC thread-only channel with DEVIE bot as only thread poster

Objective: Have RFC debates and exchanges in discord


  • Devie validates if RFC format is respected and adds discourse post to RFC channel.
  • Devie adds the RFC to airtable OR RFCs are submitted through airtable form
  • Devie monitors and enforces thread-only rule


  • Devie Bot Team


  • Get Devie team comment
  • Determine if possible on Discord

Requires Governance Proposal: No


Would be cool, but unnecessary or not worth the effort unless this solves an indetified DAO space need. Devie can and should act as an ambassador.


created this document that consolidates their ideas on general bot usage. (from RFCs-help channel)

If there’s another thread or consolidated place for bot discussion, feel free to close this one.

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