RFC: Dev&Tell Series


Hello frens! This is the official RFC for the Dev&Tell initiative. In this RFC we’ll go over what Dev&Tell is, why it’s being purposed and how slated to work in the short term(as well as a hint towards the medium/long term).


Dev&Tell is a 30 minute window for members of the development guild (at least to start) to showcase something they are passionate about or have been working on. This could be an awesome project you’ve been working on, demonstrating unit testing best practices, automation goodies, smart contracts, how to structure a project, etc… Basically, if you’ve got a passion for something, this is your opportunity to share it with the community.


We have a very diverse set of talent in the dao but sometimes it’s difficult for those without a large following online to get expose their awesomeness. The Dev&Tell initiative gives people a platform to show their stuff and potentially gain a following online, exposure to their project or to just get some public speaking experience. The dao gets a chance to showcase their talent and the talent gets to showcase themselves. It’s a win for everyone.


I purpose to have the Dev&Tell become a series hosted on our Discord in #developers-voice, happening every Friday of every week (some week’s we’ll skip because of holidays or what not) which is time capped to 30 minutes. The time slot of when the event starts is up to the discretion of the presenter since it has to fit in their schedule. Why Friday? Friday’s are usually a chill day for most folks who are working a regular day job and imo gives the best chance for people to attend. The Dev&Tell sessions should always be recorded to allow folks in different timezones an opportunity to catch up. The hope is to have videos uploaded onto the Developer Dao official YouTube channel so the it’s available for viewing.

The aim is to have the presentation run about 15 minutes and leave 15 mins for Q/A. This will help you refine your thoughts, think about what you actually want to present and give folks an opportunity to ask you questions. We really want to have it stick to 30 mins to respect peoples time; however, you are free to use one of the breakout voice channels to continue the conversation with those who are interested.


To start, the scheduling process for the presenter will be based on a “raise your hand” system where volunteers will submit their intention to present in the #dev-n-tell channel in the development-guild(Thanks for the assist @with-heart !). They will then proceed to book their time slot in notion and booking the actual meeting in the #d_d_events channel using the sesh bot.

The hope is to eventually shift this likely chaotic system onto booking system that would be developed in-house (hackathon project material) to help people book into a calendar and have the sesh bot (or whatever we change to) auto book the meeting. Automate all the things! Potentially we could also look to host the event as a live session on YouTube or maybe even turn it into a live podcast series(I did buy a new blue yeti mic recently hmm…).

Does Dev&Tell need a host?

Good question! The aim for Dev&Tell is to be mostly run by the presenter; however, there is room for a host (or series of hosts) to ensure the event starts on time, provide a brief intro and make sure people are on track for delivering their presentation within the given time allotment. I (Narb) can volunteer to take to hosting role but my availability isn’t always guaranteed(dang day job) so we could look to do it by committee if we find the need for a host.

Can I present more then once?

Yes, absolutely! However, we want to give everyone a fair shake to strut their stuff so please be mindful of giving others a chance and be sure to encourage folks to take the leap of faith to present.

Can we have more then one Dev&Tell in a week/day?

Nothing stops you from sharing your awesomeness; however, let’s aim to have this a regularly scheduled event to create some buzz and anticipation for the event.