RFC: Dev Guild dogfooding sessions


Weekly sessions for the dev guild where project champions and builders from the guild give out updates for their respective projects, get people to use them and gather feedback.

What the idea is

The dev guild should organize regular weekly dogfooding sessions. These sessions should be a place for our projects and the project champions to get some valuable feedback by getting other guild members to use their projects.

Why the idea is important

Right now, most of our projects seriously lack accountability and user feedback.

Some of our projects have been moving really slowly recently and some have not been moving at all. Having these dogfooding sessions take place every week will make our project champions constantly receive feedback from users. This is crucial because this will change the way they think about their projects. If you know that you are going to have people try out your projects every week, you will keep the user in mind more & more while you are building the project and making decisions.

These dogfooding sessions are also a great way for us as a guild to keep track of the different projects being built in the guild, see which ones are doing well and how we can learn from that, see which ones aren’t doing well and how we can help those projects.

How will this be executed

I (Dhaiwat) will start hosting these sessions every other Friday. An announcement will be made in the announcements channel in the dev guild. All the current ‘official’ project champions will be made aware of this and will be encouraged to participate as much as they can. The session will be open to any and all builders from the guild. Not only the ‘official’ project champions, but anyone will be allowed to present their projects.


I really love this idea and think it’s going to be so helpful in making fellow D_D members more aware of our projects and their progress, generating excitement for our projects, pushing Champions into a more visible role, and gathering more user-based feedback about our projects. Lots of wins hidden in here!


This is a great idea and we should definitely give it a go! I wonder how we can make it more async friendly? Does GitHub have any magic/hidden features haha? Maybe we can use the discussion boards in the respective repos


We need this. I’m a new champion myself and I would love to give updates on my project in a session like this, both for accountability and for establishing project legitimacy


I unfortunately don’t have any experience with handling this async but would love to see it happening

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Great idea. As a newcomer, it’s all somewhat overwhelming. I’d like to join a dog food session as a way to get to grips with what is happening right now. To add a concern, every other Friday would work for me assuming it’s not evening UTC. I would propose a poll for timing.