RFC: Builders Team

Title: Defining a rapid prototyping team for building web3 tools

Assemble a cross-disciplinary team with the goal of supporting projects with resources, experience and networking in order to help them build web3 tools and public goods.

Why the idea is important

  • There is a real need in the D_D for more support to cross-guild projects in the realm of product management, recruitment, and delivery. This opens the opportunity for a team of Developers, Product Managers, and UX Designers dedicated to supporting the operational requirements of managing a software development project. The D_D ecosystem is growing, and the Builders Team will be tasked with making it accessible to contributors of projects.

What is the Team:

  • Project Systems: The team would be tasked with ideating, maintaining and iterating journeys in which projects are defined, roles and responsibilities are established, and contributions are properly tracked.
  • Coordination. Ensure project teams are equipped with an understanding of methodologies such as agile development which allow Developers, Product Managers, and Designers to practice rapid prototyping and fast iteration on products.
  • Information. Deploy communication channels to harmonize initiatives and reduce duplicated efforts across similar projects. Actively maintaining context across similar projects by having a Team member coordinate and attend projects weekly calls and liaise with project champions.
  • Recruiting. Create and deploy onboarding processes for contributors into projects, helping members take on open and suitable roles within the different projects, and advertise the skill sets needed in projects, ensuring projects are well staffed.
  • Budget Management. Support projects with their budget processes, providing help with common practices, ensure contributors get rewarded, and help with treasury management.
  • Mental Health. Safeguarding contributors capacity to prevent burnout, create “roundtable” groups for Champions and project members to openly discuss their experiences and seek/provide guidance.

How will this be executed

  • Contact Champions of every project in development and offer support, offer advise and feedback.
  • Continually monitor the activity of projects, deadlines, milestones and KPIs.
  • Review tasks to be done, skills needed in projects, and help filling the needs of projects.
  • Connect Product Managers, Designers and Developers to projects, to ensure projects build the right thing, and in the right way.
  • Ensuring project’s members receive fair compensation for their work, support initiatives to apply for grants, and receive $CODE rewards.
  • Connect project’s contributors with Education team to reduce knowledge gaps, while contributing to the mentorship efforts.


(Agreed the name needs work. Any suggestions?
Builders Team?
Execution Team
Engine Team?
Prototype Team?


:100:0% I like trains, so… Engine Team for the Win

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