RFC: Adding a consulting guild

Champions: nas


A developerDAO consulting guild with tracks for developers and dev rel to begin with

what the idea is

This RFC is focused on setting up a consulting guild that will allow talent to organise into teams that can deliver outcomes in exchange for a rate to clients.

why the idea is important

DeveloperDAO has ~5000 builders and developers at present. When we open memberships back up we will have many more join.

Speaking to ecosystem partners, it’s clear that there is a lot of demand for talent and not enough supply to serve it. DeveloperDAO is onboarding and educating developers and developer relations talent into web3. Some of them will then go on to take perm jobs, others will build their own ventures. Having a way to organise talent within the DAO that delivers outcomes for a fixed or variable rate to web3 projects will bring greater opportunity to community members, add more value to ecosystem partners, and allow us to earn a fee for the DAO.

I’ve also spoken to a number of developers and dev rel focused members in the DAO and there is a fair bit of interest in something like this being setup.

how it will be executed

Rough outline. Personally a believer in keep these things light and working out the details as you bring together the first few clients and teams to deliver a few projects.

  • setup a consulting guild category in discord
  • request all those that are interested in and available to take on paid work share details on their experience and what they would like to focus on
  • speak with 2-3 initial partners to workout how we can match available talent with what their ecosystems need
  • Create a proposal with each project members profile + rate
  • project earnings are distributed to project members + a % to the DAO treasury

This is an interesting idea. I do think that there would need to be discussions about potential impacts this could have on the DAO though. Lots of scenarios to consider.

It would be crucial to ensure that the ability for folks in the DAO that can demonstrate competence in a given skill have equal opportunity to engage. It would also be important to have processes in place to manage quality of work. It would not be good to have a situation where a client or partner is not happy with the work done and it tarnishes the DAO’s reputation.

It also scares me to envision a situation where a few folks engage with a client to do some contract work and that contract ends up being exploited. How would that impact the DAO’s reputation and that of its members?

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I’m in support of this idea @nas. I think it’s definitely needed as there’s constant requests from other DAOs I see for developer talent. Whether it be simple NFT smart contracts all the way to more complex applications to help with governance and community management. I know many DAOs have used Vector DAO for UI Design or just rebranding altogether. Thoughts on reaching out to them to learn how they’ve handled project requests from other DAOs and what they have done to mitigate risk (as @josevelez.eth highlighted above) and keep DAO clients happy


yeah this is fair. we should be able to manage this by starting very small and focusing on making a couple of clients/projects successful first. I’ve spent a decade selling product and engineering services, so feel fairly confident we can manage it. Being proactive here to learn from other DAOs makes sense.

This is a great idea. Please do setup a call. Also feels like a no brainer partnership. :smiley:


I would like to support and help this initiative. I have a few suggestions:
1- I would suggest changing the name to a more broader term “Build Guild”, or “DAO2DAO”, because I have found names end up limiting the scope and assumptions other members have, and projects like this need to be very flexible. And from a marketing point of view, people may assume the Guild needs only consultors and no builders.
2- Let’s start with a project.
–Scout for a DAO in need of Devs.
–Offer to build something for them.
–Bring the project to the community and actively advertise it as part of the larger effort.
–Build it, while also ironing the payment details
–Get paid.
–Repeat, iterate, and grow.