RFC: A small focused group for "DevDao Women"

A small focused group for DevDao Women


The majority members from Developer Dao are men and we have very few ratio of women/Nonbinary. But even if there are women/Nonbinary, they are not active because it can be overwhelming when the majority of the active members are men.

But if we have micro group focused on women/nonbinary then it is possible to onboard more women into the dao ecosystem as well as web3.

Why we need focused women Group

I want to give an example of the incredible learning community of buildspace, where they created a safe space and a small micro group focused on women/nonbinary and even gave them $10000 from the buildspace treasury.

But Developer Dao doesn’t have any small focused group for women/Nonbinary.

If a woman/nonbinary joins the DAO, it is overwhelming and they can get lost easily. But even if they want to talk and discuss, they rarely see any women/nonbinary representatives within the DAO.

With a focused group that solely focuses on women/nonbinary we can,

  • Onboard women/nonbinary members easily

  • Inspire them to participate/contribute actively to the DAO

  • Can easily help them to find their place in the DAO

  • Can connect them with opportunities

How can we make this happen

We already have some incredible women member participation within the web3 and DAO community and we can bring them together to create this safe space and opportunities for women/nonbinary within the DAO.

I want to mention @camiinthisthang @haegeez @dawnkelly @cuddleofdeath / Kristen @paloma @ExplorerGeek as we all want to make this happen.

We just need a new general category of DevDao Women following some channels which we can provide for our women/nonbinary members to create this focused small group and push this idea/mission forward.


A RFwC channel would be a valuable internal asset for project ideas in current w3 climate. Not sure if appropriate and in the spirit of above.

I would like to contribute to this.

that sounds incredible

It can be valuable but we kinda want a category focused on women, a channel is hard to tackle down and find.

This is a great idea! Cultivating a safe space for women/nonbinary within DeveloperDAO will help not only bring more women/nonbinary into D_D but also give them a place to start. I agree with having a micro group focused on onboarding women/nonbinary, and would love to be apart of this! Along these lines I think its important to be able to include younger girls/nonbinary. There is a lot of smart young talent out there and we don’t want them getting overwhelmed either!

Kernel has a group of people called “Guides” within the program to help guide fellows through Kernel. We can use something similar and have D_D guides within the group to help new members “find their place in the DAO”. Just thinking out loud here.

Love this idea, and am here to help! Thank you @meowy for proposing this!

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We should start with a category: DevDao Women, and the following channels:
1- Start here
4-Voice channel

I’m excited to have you over here as well.

Also voice channel and a way to create devdao women role might be helpful

This seems like the perfect example for a subDAO: What's a SubDAO? - Bankless

I agree with this! Let’s get it done! It’s already done! Thanks @meowy

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I think it’s much needed, and the attention to setting up a separate women’s group channel would give them a comfortable and easy place to gather.That’s great!