Proposal for Analytics Guild

#Analytics Guild

Author: @jokerdelmar


This proposal, if passed, would introduce a new analytics guild in Dev-DAO which would encourage data analysts to pool in their expertise to enable data-driven decisions and provide DAO community health check.


Developer DAO is a community with talented individuals contributing towards a successful Web3 economy. Since we are growing exponentially and introducing a governance token, it becomes important to start tracking the general health of the overall discord server and track certain KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) to measure success of any existing and future initiatives that the individual guilds undertake. This data can be shared during weekly community calls or town-halls in twitter spaces to increase awareness and general know-how.

What should the analytics guild track?

Although the opportunity is endless since we live in the world driven by data, here are some of the basic metrics that the guild will effectively track such as active members, tipping behavior, server roles, user touch-points, snapshot participation, coordinape, forum contributions etc.

Who can participate in this guild?

Data analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Data Stewards (for governance) etc.

What tools and technologies can the guild use?

There’s no hard boundaries however, inclination should be towards web3 and open source tools such as Graph, Dune Analytics, Apache Superset etc.

Disclaimer: I am a contributor in Bankless DAO analytics guild. However, I believe the power of Web3 is in sharing across DAO communities and helping each other grow #WAGMI


Great proposal! That’s definitely a need of data analytics along with the expansion of D_D. Looking forward to make a contribution of a bit, Have done some web crawls before and hope it may be some helps at some points.


Sounds amazing, would love to join! :cd:


I also think this is a great idea and would like to join if it passes. Of course you have my vote!


As I’ve witnessed the power of good analytics in other DAOs and blockchain companies, I wholeheartedly support this proposal! Good research into the specifics – especially with an ever-growing community – will lead to better decision-making and a better understanding of the whole space itself!


The following data which I think that it may be helpful for showing active members and driving D_D forward:

  1. The number of POAPs
  2. The data of sesh bot
  3. The data of pair-bot (still in development)
  4. The feedbacks from RFC proposals in forums

I think this is a great idea. Especially with the decentralized nature of the decision making. I’m interested in helping any way I can.

Is there a slack yet?

no, my proposal is to start this guild within the D_D discord server. Need people to upvote so that the mods consider this.

It sounds like a good idea. I’d like to join if there is a need.

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Great idea, I would also love to join!

Fully agree! Would love to join!

Thanks for the proposal @jokerdelmar

Personally, I can see a lot of value in an analytics guild, particularly post $CODE token launch and as we mature and grow as an org data is going to become more and more valuable.

We don’t currently have a process for creating new guilds which we need to work on but it’s been great to see the group behind the “Product Guild” initiative group together and start figuring out how they can create value. Would love to see those with an interest in the analytics guild do something similar.

@jokerdelmar (or anyone else for that matter) if we create a Analytics Guild project channel for now would you (or anyone else) be interested in brainstorming in there and seeing what we can get going in the meantime?

Would be delighted to help out in any way I can.

Hello, @kempsterrrr - thanks for responding. I do believe having a space for analytics guild within the server will allow interested folks to jam together.

I feel its better to start a sub-channel within one of the existing guilds (maybe within community?) as an incubation ground. This way we aren’t just spinning up a guild just for the sake of it. Once we see we have enough people willing to participate and produce some useful artifacts we can consider a separate guild. Thoughts?


I think that’s a great idea. I would love to participate if there’s a sub-channel about this topic in the community guild for now.

Sorry @jokerdelmar , taking a week or two holiday!

Think testing the waters in a new channel before committing to a guild is a good idea :+1: Rather than place it inside another guild i’ve created the channel inside projects so it’s a bit more easily discoverable (not hidden in another guild) as this seemed to work really well for the product guild.

Here’s a link to the channel - Developer DAO

Will @ you in there too :slight_smile: Really looking forward to what we can hopefully learn from this initiative, personally simple things like bot & channel use, Governance/social engagement statistics over time would be super useful for optimising the community operations.

anything i can do when back from holiday on the 10th please let me know!

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