Possible grants for Developer_DAO

I made a list of possible grants available on the market for Developer_DAO. The list is not finite, but gives the overview of the possibilities.

Two very interesting ones are from NGI: Trublo and Assure. The attractive part about them is that they don’t require us to build anything on specific blockchain, they just want to push internet further. Underlining the ways Developer_DAO address trust issues through blockchain and our services might be well enough to get funding. The bad news is that deadline is till the end of March.

I will catch up to you later. I am in the middle of reading required documentation. I will read all that is required by them hopefully till the end of the day and bring it back here. We might take a chance.

So, I am proposing to take initiative and try to get funding from these sources.

Edit: I didn’t mention this at first, but I was planning on doing PhD this year with the best University in the Middle and East Europe, so if needed I would be more than happy to document our solution through research paper. I will then apply with that in mind for PhD and go with it. Research about new form of management through DAOs in my perfect topic. So I could coordinate or write research paper by myself if need be. I am fascinated by topics around self-management and teal management and made some papers on that already. So don’t look on that requirement as a barrier, but rather as an opportunity.


Alright so I did manage to dive into the TRUBLO grant. It seems pretty easy to go for. If we use the community power of D_D we might apply for it, as it is with the deadline till 30th of March. I will check the Assure as well. I wonder what do you think about those grants? What projects are already beeing built that could benefit?

I added another fund with deadline till 1st of April. It is much easier to apply for; it’s max 50,000 euro and we need to specify for what the money will go for. It is much easier to apply for though, as it is max 2 pages.

Figuring out how we successfully help projects secure grant funding is critical for our success so hugely appreciate your work here and this is great stuff. There is an on-going effort in the discord attempting to tackle the same point originally driven by @drop_knowledge and grant opportunities have started to be document in an Airtable CRM, you can find the grant public view here. Believe they are working on a grant application for web3-ui project currently.

What do you need to feel empowered to push forward with these efforts? Personally believe it would make sense to connect with the other group also working on this and move forward together. Would LOVE to see a Grants team stood up that gets budget in $CODE rewards to help projects/the DAO apply for funding.

I’ve tried to @ you in the grants team discord channel but your handle here doesn’t seem to be your handle in the server.

BTW I’ve moved your message from the proposal category to the general category on here.

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Unfortunately I am not a happy owner of D_D NFT, so I can only access the entry-level channels. Even so, I saw a great potential in D_D after I attended web3hackhaton and wanted to help you in any way I could. That is why I am writing it all here on Discourse.

Would love to help more with similar activities and help @drop_knowledge with his agenda.


Hi @wikist, would you mind sharing your Ethereum address? We have a scholarship program and would like to grant you a token to join us.



Thank you from the mountain. :slight_smile:

Ok great, sent! https://opensea.io/assets/0x25ed58c027921e14d86380ea2646e3a1b5c55a8b/7795

You should have full access to the discord now. Welcome!


I don’t think, I 100% understood grants.

Could roles at Developer DAO be grants?

Like, guild leader or project champion?

I think it might be like a side-role that helps projects get funding and that is also working by itself in search of new grant opportunities. But yeah, there should be a transparent system about who and how is a part of potential grant team, if that is how it will be organized.