P6: Revised timeline for Season 0

Title: Revised timeline for Season 0
Author(s): @kempsterrrr @wolovim @willblackburn @dabit3 @with-heart @Erik_Knobl


This proposal extends the timeline laid out in the Season 0 proposal to allow enough time to finalize our tokenomics and successfuly deliver on Season 0 Objectives.

Current timeline: Season 0 ends January 12th
Proposed new timeline: Season 0 ends March 12th

We acknowledge this doesn’t comply with specific terms laid out in the Season 0 proposal however it’s clear this timeline was overly ambitious and we believe it more important we’re able to lay solid foundations for future Seasons.


Our Season 0 Objectives are progressing nicely. The Gitcoin mutual grant has passed on snapshot and our tokenomics proposal is currently passing its forum vote. These are two key milestones however there is still lots to do to ensure we can lay the right foundations for the DAO.

Scope of work

The extra two months will give the community time to discuss and propose solutions to the following objectives:

  • Ratifying tokenomics
  • Design and execute token launch
  • Refining the DAOs Structure to support future growth
  • Refining our Governance procedures
  • How we recognise and rewards contributions
  • Clarifying Season 1 priority projects and objectives for the DAO as a whole and individual Guilds
  • Planning launch event with industry partners

Success Metrics & KPIs

Deliver on the above objectives.


  1. Support extending Season 0 to March 12th
  2. Oppose extending Season 0 to March 12th and keep current end date of Jan 12th

This vote will run until the until Saturday @ 7pm UTC. If passing, it will then be elevated to snapshot running until the 12th March.

  • Support extending Season 0 to March 12th
  • Oppose extending Season 0 to March 12th and keep current end date of Jan 12th

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Love the proposed scope of work for the next couple of months.

Hope Season 0 finishes off strong!


Let’s not rush things. What we do in S0 will lay down the foundations for months and years to come. Let’s take all the time we might need.


Definitely need to continue Season 0, so I’m definitely in support of that. There is a ton of foundation being laid and lots of learnings by everyone to share, to set the stage for a more efficient and valuable Season 1+ in the future, so we need to make sure Season 0 is wrapped up properly.


Season 0 need to finish up strong , and we can’t achieve that by rushing it …
we need to properly lay the foundations for the future from Season 0, so yes I’m in support of this shift to get all what we want necessary for this Season …


Hope season0 finishes off more strong!!! :tada:

I’m fairly new here. I’d love to help either write/brainstorm/code.
Where can I find action items?
Are there season 0 objectives?

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There’s work being done on creating a path to membership.
Might not happen before March.
Github is likely a good place to start for the time being.