P-37: Protocol Newsletter - 2024- Q1

Authors: DappaDan


This proposal covers adding the “Protocol” newsletter (https://protocol.dappadan.xyz/), created by DappaDan, as a bi-weekly series to the Developer DAO newsletter.


The Protocol newsletter aims to provide Web3 Developers with guidance and insights into Web3 protocols and developer tools. It aims to be a unique asset in the community by being a place where developers can get answers, saving them time and stress on searching for and choosing tools.

Adding this to the Developer DAO newsletter will provide useful content to developers who are outside of the DAO. It will also be a great vehicle to grow new partnerships with protocols as well as deepen the relationship with existing protocols we work with.

Scope of Work

Domain of Operations & Team

In collaboration with the existing Newsletter team, we will work to:

  • Ensure content is edited and maintains a high-quality
  • Delivery of the newsletter to readers promptly
  • Develop a clear brand to avoid confusion with the core newsletter
  • Work within the DAO to ensure that pressing questions and topics of interest are covered in this series
  • Collaborate with the Partnerships team to seek opportunities to align on content


O1 Foster a fun and safe Member experience Owner
O2 Provide DAO members with high-quality learning opportunities Owner
KR Educate members on protocols and developer tools DappaDan
O3 Support DAO members to elevate their impact on the world Owner
KR Giving newer writers an opportunity to contribute DappaDan
O4 Position the DAO structurally and financially for long-term success Owner
KR Newsletter Subscriber Growth DappaDan

Budget Request (Including value returned to the DAO)

Each issue takes ~3 days to research and write, so I am requesting 500 CODE to cover this plus any extra time to coordinate with others in the DAO. We may request further CODE in the future to incentivise more contributors to the Protocol Newsletter.

500 X 2/month x 3 months = 3,000 CODE


Optional section if drawbacks should be identified.

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Love seeing this @0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 :saluting_face: more educational content for members is always a win. I support this proposal and looking forward to it going to vote where I’ll be voting yes.

Think we missed a trick and this needs updating to 500 per issue.

Haha yeah makes sense

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as a steward I support elevating this to snapshot. Plan to elevate tomorrow

I wonder - and doesn’t have to be decided now - could this be a moment to consider moving away from Substack to a web3 solution like paragraph?

cc @Kay @jamiebones

@0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 what is your take on paragraph?

Seems to have some cool features that might be useful to us down the line like tokengating, collectables and memberships

also if we start posting to farcaster (love to see us doing this) paragraph just released a “frame” that allows folks to subscribe to newsletter directly from the farcaster feed

I am not familiar with paragraph; this post is my first encounter with paragraph. I do have some questions though;
how easy or difficult will the migration be from Substack to Paragraph?
what about the old contents on Substack, can we seamlessly move it to Paragraph?


Here is a side by side comparison to Substack: Paragraph vs Substack

There are some docs pages about migrating subscribers and content:

I have only used Paragraph without having to migrate so I can’t personally say if what the docs are saying is easy, but you can try to export at least.

My thoughts are that Paragraph offers a lot of crypto native features that would be good to incorporate either now or in the future of the newsletter. Things a farcaster integration, token gating and minting.It does have team management features as well, maybe not to the extent of Substack.

You can create communities to a newsletter in Paragraph as well so if we wanted to create a members edition of something, this could be done.

I would say the biggest difference is that I believe Substack has better discoverablity for new subscribers. I think this is something that Paragraph is focusing on here with their discover feed.

The team does ship and listen to the community.

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We support importing content from Wordpress, with many other platforms (including Mirror and Substack) coming soon.

Seems like they don’t support Substack imports (yet?)

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Reached out to Colin the founder on this. Will update :slight_smile:

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waiting on a reply from the paragraph text, elevating this to a vote today and we can answer the migration question whilst it’s up for voting.

@0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 can you provide a wallet address to send the CODE from this budget

Posting here for visibility, @0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 provided the address in the DMs - 0x24bF6580ED276b6ff33269DD361eE00FE3a2c912

This proposal has now been elevated to snapshot, voting starts at 12pm for 120 hours

I copied the current issue of the Probably Nothing Newsletter into Paragraph to check how compatible the two theme systems are, and besides the cover image it worked pretty well.

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Awesome - is the banner image is an easy fix by just updating the aspect ratio?

Now this proposal has passed do you and @0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 we need to make a decision on migrating Protocol Newsletter to substack or DD to paragraph. Maybe go back on the email chain with Colin at Paragraph to organise a call?

As the proposal passed, the immediate actions are:

  1. Dan tells his readers that the Protocol newsletter is now part of D_D.
  2. I tell people on the socials that D_D has a new newsletter and what it’s about.

I think we can move the Probably Nothing newsletter to Paragraph without too many hiccups.

The question now is: Why should we?

Not that I like Substack much more than Paragraph.

Substack has a tiny bit (not much, lol) nicer editor and probably has better analytics functions.

Paragraph has Web3 functions, but we don’t token gate the newsletter or plan to make money from it directly (e.g., paid Substack subscriptions, paid Paragraph NFTs, etc.)

I guess, it would take half a day to migrate, if no issues happen, but do we gain anything tangible from it?

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Best wishes for this new endeavour!

These are the right questions :slight_smile:

From my perspective I feel the following features would create value for us over Substack:

  • Capture emails in feed in farcaster via paragraph frame (see here) directly from our main target audience
  • Mint//collect editions (believe it’s valuable to bring media on chain in this way, also unlocks opportunities gamify newsletter engagement by rewarding collectors: code, unlocking discord roles etc.).

As @0x24bF6580ED276b6ff3 mentioned, Colin (founder) and the paragraph team will work with us. We mean something to them, we don’t mean anything to SubStack - this is shown by his response to the email asking about DD migrating (you’re looped on this):

Regarding a co-activation/promotion - absolutely! Here are some things we can do:

  • feature on carousel on homepage
  • feature all your posts as prominent ‘trending posts’ in our Discover feed: Paragraph - Trending posts
  • Share your new newsletter/posts on social media (Twitter/Farcaster)

Paragraph and seeing a lot of growth and attention at the moment. Our newsletter and all our posts being featured on their platform in this way whilst this is happening alone is a quite compelling to me.

They are also happy to prioritise features to make this easier for us.

We can prioritize this feature and get it shipped in the next couple weeks, if that works for you.

Yes, I agree. Being considered/influence on a product’s roadmap is definitely of a high value. Its why enterprises pay the premium.

I started using Paragraph over a year ago and the team definitely ships so I think the question is really a “when should we migrate” vs “if we should” as they continue to add more Web3 native features.

I agree there is not a ton of features we would implement immediately. But it is also is like I roast people on. Web2 is comfortable until its not. Better to this by choice instead having to do this in a rush if Substack decides to change content policies.

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