P-31: AGΞNCY ΞXPERTS Q3 + Q4 Budgets

Agency (DD_Experts) Sub-DAO Q3 + Q4

Authors: @Gordo , @Erik_Knobl, @kempsterrrr, @luan, + and others who provided comments and discussions on the subject.


The SubDao model is now a reality. The transition has been already done and with it plus the general decline in the market the community activity and surrounding model of Agency has been in decline. During Season 2 community maintenance was left aside via focusing efforts on the potential legal wrapper of Agency, admin team consolidation and full reorg as a SubDAO.

It is necessary to retake the community aspect in order to reactivate the resilient side of Agency which is based on people’s activity and willingness to develop high end and interesting ventures and services.

This proposal seeks to on one side continue works regarding making a reality the business model of Agency and making it work as it should be a capital independent organisation and on the other reactivate the cadence and community based side of Agency which requires constant push and leadership regarding project seeking and people direction and documentation.

In order to do so and by the brotherhood with D_D and the future value that will be returned into the DAO, keeping alignment with the specific Q3 D_D Labs Budget.

We seek to develop tight alignment within the Fellowship program and Ventures program, Venture building and High quality Service provider solutions Agency is targeting with. Dispelling and targeting our business model till making it work around those three areas.


Consolidation of Agency is a need, it requires constant leadership, maintainability & support in order to pursue its goals. A clear business model that generates the right economic and social incentives to participate into the Agency model within the D_D value umbrella.

Even though it’s a subDAO it always was intended to work hand by hand with the higher level D_D structure. Those bridges should be clarified, consolidated and worked out in order to secure the future of Agency as “the builder space” inside the DAO.

The goal of Agency is to ful-fill one of the main areas of the Mission of Developer DAO: To Foster and Build Web3 Tools and Public Goods. We intend to be the space where curated members of the DAO can join to build, in a professional first environment, and create business and ventures. To do so we need to start by providing an economic incentivised relationship group.

Scope of Work

Domain of Operations & Team

Stabilise works towards the consolidation of Agency business model sustainability in order to be able to hold new members and create incentive-based work inside the hood of Agency besides venture based projects.

Reduce management efforts to the minimum and most efficient possible in order to focus our time into building and providing real value.

Reactivation of a rich building/er environment by example. In order to activate an ecosystem like that it is important to focus sight on the incentives of the people which integrate the community.

Constant push venture projects towards an effective business model that drives value to Agency and D_D, even as open source projects their sustainability should be a requirement and working towards economic incentives for the ventures inside the hood should be an opt in.

Simplify the working model. If it is not being used, is out.

The model looks for sustainability through generating value by doing and automating management as much as possible.

Leadership > Building > Management

Build up the incentives

The engine of Agency is leadership on client relationships and venture projects, and the reliability of the contributors. We need to set up incentives for them in order to build up the action energy over the people who want to push its goal and get them rewarded accordingly.


Consolidate and reactivate works to continue model pursuing.

Contact and partnership with D_D

  • Align with D_D Labs proposal and partnerships model in order to fund the transition. Promote and specifically reward leader to stabilise contact with the DAO and push the relationships and high-level internal ←→ external activities. @Gordo
    • Work side by side with Partnerships and ventures to include them in the Agency business model.
    • Polish, consolidate, and build the funnel for new members and actual members’ incentives.
    • Work towards Agency business model sustainability.
    • Drive returned value to D_D based on previously exposed relationship and tracking direct provided value from D_D

Model continuation:

Simplicity first, out everything that is not necessary.

  • Remove new discord, create more problems than solutions and segment the community. As simple as possible.

Focus on people, community, and members.

  • Reactivate people’s conversations and interests all the way.

Back to D_D as the source of cultural activity and membership

  • Centralise activity on one discord and simplify the as much as possible the flow in every term.
  • Focus on building, and automate the rest.
  • Work side by side with the D_D builder community in order to create the paths, flows and incentives to be part of Agency (experts) as the builder’s goal.


Admins work to define the high-level direction and strategy of Agency and its medium-term roadmap. They are tasked with optimising the overall performance and managing the multisig. The current signers are @Gordo, @Erik, @luan

  • Admin leader, Gordo, will lead the relationship with D_D as the Sub-DAO Coordinator role and high level org direction and internal while maintaining the overall idea and trust on the organisation.

    • Onboarding and curating members
    • Setting the pace and overall direction of the business
    • Weeklies and Open weeklies lead
    • Lead partnership with D_D and comms with Ventures and Fellowship
  • Admin Business Developer manager, Manny.

    • Co-define overall business direction and work for the sustainability of it.
    • Establish partnerships & relationships with prospective clients.

Roles in Agency

  • Team Leaders take responsibility for individual projects, and ensure the team delivers, overseeing internal organisation, rewards, and recruitment. They are tasked with managing the overall performance of the team and ask for and distribute assigned $CODE by the works performed.
  • Contributors are Agency builders expected to deliver projects efficiently and coordinate and communicate with the team.
  • Sales/BD, trusted external or internal profile delivering potential collaboration inside Agency, paid on success relationships.

To begin with, we’ll keep the team small so we can move quickly:

  • Team Lead: Gordo
  • Sales/BD: Mannyornothing
  • Contributors: Picked by Gordo for the first project. If Contributors are not available in the pool to fulfil needs on a project, they will be recruited into Agency via the application pool


Any member of Developer DAO can apply to join by filling the initial form. An initial interview will help Agency learn about the skills of the new prospect, and find a role for him/her when the adequate project and/or is available. Current members will vote to grant membership to the applicant.

In order to be part of Agency potential members will need to:

  • Be senior and have reliability on some area of work in web3,
  • Be autonomous
  • Have available time to put into work (min 10 hours a week)
  • Be a team member, no stars, there is no space for stars here.
  • Being a leader is deeply appreciated. Know how to lead and understand the capital requirements of a project, budgeting, client conversations, etc.
  • Be selected by the Admin team

NB - While members can apply, onboarding will initially be slow whilst we focus on proving the model. Please don’t expect a quick reply. As work comes up, we’ll reach out to Contributors who have applied to see if they’re still available.

Business Model

As a subDAO of Developer DAO, Agency will operate as an autonomous startup, connecting talented teams of builders with clients.

Main tasks of Q3 + (Q4)

  • Clarify, define and cost the services we provide customers:
    • Web3 Product Design
    • Web3 Front-end development.
    • Smart contract engineering.
  • Create a Pitch Deck and documentation to support this model
  • Work with Labs to reactivate the presence of Agency among D_D and its Members, as well as promote Agency to potential customers.
  • Secure first paid customer for agency

Venture building stays aside till the model is sustainable and as a side effect of the teams providing services. Circling back to approximate ventures as a side effect of service providing and having an internal active senior curated group of people. There is no specific focus on building it but on building the right group of people in which ventures flourish naturally.


The following are the proposed Objectives and Key Results for Q3 + Q4:

O Validate Agency business model as Service Provider
KR Reactivate open weekly Agency meetings in Discord
KR Deliver v1 of DAO Website Resdesign and Development
KR Successfully engage at least 1 paid partner
KR Co-work with Labs team to increase status of agency amonst members and potential partners
KR Co-work with Labs team to ensure success of preferred partnerships
KR Clean out inactive projects and members

Budget Request

Agency intends to be a growing group of builders in the DAO, assembled in different projects, delivering high-quality products and being rewarded for that. We have a base Rewards System 3 1.


We’re requesting a total of 40,000 $CODE

  • Admin pool - 10,000 $CODE
    • Covers all administrative and coordination activities (meetings, agendas, docs, decks etc.)
    • Assume admins work 10hrs / week
  • Contributors pool - 30,000 $CODE
    • Allocation for Team Leaders: Quarter allocation for each project from Agency CODE pool on an agreement with the team leader and based on OKRs of the project leading. The team leader will decide how the CODE is distributed to each team based on work.
    • Contribution allocation will be organised by each Team Leader based on CODE allocations rulinon each working group.
    • If the CODE is not used or there are not enough active projects to allocate the CODE based on activity it will be returned or held for the next season. If by the opposite we have not enough code in order to cover the whole set of activities we will ask for more at the end of the season.

We’re explicitly asking for some flexibility here to experiment with the rewards model in the same way Labs and Academy have in their budget proposals. The goal is to better define how rewards are distributed by dogfooding the process.

Dynamic requests not attached to quarterly budgets will be done from the pool by each Team Leader $CODE Pool.

USDC Allocation from Labs

The Sub-DAO Coordinator payment in the Labs proposal as well as revenue share from preferred partnerships, will be allocated by the Agency team internally.

We’re therefore not requesting any further USD-denominated budget in this request.

Value Return to the DAO


The main and most important value the Agency will bring back to D_D is having a high-quality, reliable group of builders. We offer high-quality professional services, curated products that ring our door, ventures that emerge from the D_D hood and require specific people, and the ability to build open products.

This will be reflected in an increment of the brand value concerning the whole value proposition funnel at the initial stages. We will continue to pursue the concept of: “If it comes from the Agency, it is good.”

Short term, it will allow for higher sponsor agreements with the DAO and stronger relationships with potential future incorporation into the Agency. We aim to attract new individuals with high standards willing to participate in the Agency and the DAO. The long-term goal is to achieve economic stability and then donate a large share of the surplus to the DAO. We will also help the DAO attract a more diverse active membership. With quality measurable outcomes being produced, people who value real value will come to join us, while those who don’t will disperse.


We recognise the importance of supporting Developer DAO’s financial stability.

To this end, we propose allocating specific percentages of the Agency’s revenue to the DAO based on the milestones achieved:

10% of the revenue from the Agency’s overall work. We plan to review this model at the end of Q4.

In return for the value contributed, we expect the Agency to be the first selection as a service provider from within the D_D DAO. Furthermore, the DAO should be the place for active members looking to engage for service provision, channelling the best members of the Developer DAO community into the Agency, ensuring mutual growth and success.

We expect as well from D_D Labs a side-by-side relationship helping with business development and marketing actions in order to drive high-quality clients into Agency


Agency will position itself as the expert group inside the DAO in which you can trust to build on the verticals we master.

This is it for now.



Thanks for pushing forward. I support his proposal.

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I’ll start off by saying WE NEED something like agency in the DAO. That being said I would like to address a few thoughts.

Accountability: I know things have been silent, the general consensus is “What has agency done?” or "There is an agency? "
So coming back into the DAO and interacting would be amazing and giving updates on the weekly sync is a plus.

I know agency is rebuilding the website and that’s not been given enough light as of yet, we should definitely showcase that once complete or teasers.

The main and most important value that the Agency will bring back to D_D is having a high-quality reliable group of builders. We offer high-quality professional services, curated products that ring our door, ventures that emerge from the D_D hood and require specific people, as well as the ability to build open products.

When not building a project for a client, will these seniors be accessible to members of the DAO to learn from? Will members be able to get tips or possible help from agency? What I’m looking to avoid is “senior” and “not senior” members of the DAO.

10% of the profit from the Agency’s overall work.

Is there any past history of a return of the last few seasons?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the there was a certain level of client jobs that were willing to be taken in by Agency. So jobs that didn’t seem fit would be turned down. I’m not sure if that is still the same sentiment moving forward.

Is agency currently working or in talks with any clients currently?

Agency will position itself as the experts group inside the DAO

If things stay silent over time, at what point can other members create their own initiative? We have many members that do “gigs” not under the flag of D_D. If somebody wanted to revitalize Jobs again and organize, how does that conflict with Agency? What I want to avoid is the whole merch store issue. Somebody took initiative and got something started and then nothing was done… others wanted to do it, but then it was said “this person is doing it” the other person that wants to get things done has their hands tied. What is the threshold here for not stepping on toes? We have many members here looking for opportunities so making sure we have set groundwork details so there is no confusion in the future.

Overall looking forward to have agency back in the mix. Just need some questions addressed so I can relay it back to the community.

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Thanks for your words @Billyjitsu, of course we need it, the complicated part is making it work, let’s do it!

It was like that before, and it will be so again. Weeklies are open to anyone interested. Wednesdays at 16:00 CET :wink:

You’re right; the distinction isn’t between “senior” and “non-senior” but rather “reliable” and “unreliable”.

Regarding the availability of these individuals, that’s entirely up to each one. It’s not dictated by the Agency’s guidelines or contracts. Perhaps there should be a discussion about creating incentives for this? We should consider why these individuals might be willing to help and not necessarily expect it.

Not directly. There’s been a lot of learning, pivoting, testing, and some grants. We’re still refining the model. Things take time.

The current model is transparent. If someone wishes to engage with the Agency as a client, they can submit their proposal internally. It will then be reviewed internally. If any core members are interested in leading and taking responsibility for it, the project will proceed. This isn’t a blanket approval process, and decisions aren’t solely based on D_D; it depends on each individual.

I’m not familiar with the specifics of the merchandise issue, but the guiding principle here is: if you want to do it, go ahead. No one will stop you; this is a DAO after all. I haven’t seen any other proposals with this objective. If there are, who are the people behind them, I want to talk to them. The Agency project needs them, that is the main problem that’s being solved.


Thanks for putting this together @Gordo - does this mean we can archive the old version to avoid confusion? [DRAFT] Agency (DD_Experts) Q3 + (Q4)

I agree with @Billyjitsu; we need something like an Agency in the DAO. I also appreciate your openness about aligning with the ideas proposed in the lab’s budget. I am really excited about the future and what value can be generated for DAO Members, Contributors and the ecosystem.

Some broad strokes feedback/questions…

  1. How do you see the split between “venture building” and providing services?

I’ve shared my perspective in the past with you directly, but I will share it here again. I believe providing services has a far clearer and faster path towards validating a sustainable business model (being able to pay people) here vs. ventures. I also worry that too much focus on ventures would distract from that and that the DAO will continue to fund efforts that return no (or very little) value to the community.

I feel we would be better off doing this in reverse - proving agency can sustain a model that pays people and then get more creative with ventures.

  1. Model / Financial Returns etc.

You’ve mentioned both here, so it’s unclear which one you’re proposing.

If you are proposing profit, I’ll re-share thoughts here on why I can’t support that, but I won’t bore everyone for now. joy:

I think over time, the business model between teams will need to be re-assessed as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. Right now, everything is coming out of the Labs budget: preferred partner rev share, marketing, legal, ops etc. as well as costs for building the website. That isn’t a sustainable or fair status quo of Agency were to scale, and Labs were still covering all those costs as it disadvantages the contributors in Labs vs other Sub-DAOs.

The value being contributed by the Agency is going to the DAO, not Labs. Maybe labs will become a paid service provider of agency in the future, maybe once agency /academy have revenue the % split of preferred partner revenue is stopped, and that is the cost of marketing etc., support.

Things to discuss in the future for sure. For now, the Labs team are happy to help fund/support both getting on the ground to help the DAO be more successful.

ping @stewards

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Thanks for your response

Yes, thanks for doing it!

I have the feeling that the text generates confusion in this aspect. We do left venture building on the side in the short term context until it happens organically, no direct effort from the management side in order to generate those activities it will happen. But, we will offer support if any leader wants to follow up with a venture project and contributors want to invest their time on it. It is completely free in those terms and will be encouraged if leaders appear.

So I feel we are aligned on this.

In the business model section of the proposal is where it should be clear. Copying.

So yes, confirming we do point to the same direction.

Its revenue, in the update I did change “net profit” → “profit” :disguised_face: the intention was “revenue”
You are right, thanks. I cannot update anymore, make the fix for me in the text please.


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Full support on this!

I believe that this is highly needed for the DAO! Besides some personal thoughts on some topics, the proposition is great!

Will continue from your last reply, @Gordo , if you allow me…

Here can you share an example escenario how a new project can be proposed? and how to propose it?
Is this going to be public?

Now it is mentioned many times about having high quality services to provide and that the team will be high qualified but how is this going (or is) to be measured?
What is high quality ?

I just feel that the DAO should think more into the Agency generating developer community value and having that as the real incentive rather than just make this great movement rely in a mathematical ecuation… It seems that the aiming for the DAO member to join or contribute here will be the incentives rather than actually follow the D_D DAO goals and vision.

I will try to explain more in future replies this D_D DAO vision I see but for now with this questions is more than enough :rofl:

:muscle: :rocket:

Thanks for replying in detail :slight_smile:

I think it was just the text that was misleading then. Have update profit > revenue.

With those clarifications, I’m happy to support this proposal. @stewards please share your thoughts asap so we can elevate this to a vote with the community.

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I’ve spent some time reflecting on the Agency SubDAO proposal, particularly its funding and operational model within Developer DAO. While the concept is intriguing, there are a few aspects that I believe could benefit from further clarification and planning.

Firstly, the idea of allowing random contributors to opt-in for projects is historically difficult, a more structured approach might be beneficial. A dedicated core team comprising front-end, back-end, blockchain experts, and designers could potentially offer more consistency and reliability.

Secondly, I’d love to see a more proactive approach to talent acquisition. While having a form for interested contributors is a start, perhaps the Agency could take the initiative to actively seek out talent within the DAO, especially in channels dedicated to job opportunities.

Additionally, considering that Agency is a fee-based service, unlike other SubDAOs that offer free open-source services, I think it would be helpful to have a detailed business plan for the next quarter. This would provide more confidence for those of us considering this as an investment opportunity, especially given the hard work the labs team has put into generating income.

To sum up, before I can fully support the proposal, I’d be keen to see:

  • A promotional deck outlining the Agency’s vision and strategy
  • A clear definition of core team responsibilities
  • A proactive recruitment strategy
  • A marketing plan aimed at client acquisition
  • A comprehensive business plan that demonstrates the Agency’s viability as a long-term venture rather than a side project.

I’m excited about the potential of the Agency SubDAO and look forward to seeing how it evolves.

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Thank you, @Billyjitsu.

I do believe those questions need to be answered. However, I am willing to support this as long as we add a simple OKR to the proposal, stipulating that a business model or deck be produced one month after the proposal is passed.

Thanks for your responses

Responding to the requirements. The deck will show up during this week and the next one, as I mentioned in the past DAO Coordination call.
CC: @mannyornothing

The rest of points I consider them explained in the proposal. They won’t require more explanation to continue works at this stage, I won’t delay any works by spending time on them as I do not have it and are on lower priority.

Summary as I explained before a few times already and it is written in the proposal. The focus will be building quality projects and responding to clients coming from D_D relationship and D_D Labs as BD partner. Recruiting will come on demand, decided by me and starting by the pool of core members and people who filled the form already. There won’t be an active recruiting as there is not necessary and it will generate the opposite, having people just “there”. If you have an specific idea of what the marketing plan should be, I’m always open for a conversation.

To be 100% clear, it is a side project until it becomes the latter.

Please folks, write your questions after reading the proposal and take into account our meetings as if not they seem quite unproductive and not necessary.

Happy to add the KR of the deck within those terms. @kempsterrrr :pray:

+1 with Manny here re OKRs.

Looks like you’ve added the changes already so I’m good with this proposal.

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I agree this is ready to be elevated.


@Gordo the agreed edits have been made to the proposal. I’ve suggested a further simplifcation/edit of the ORKs, see below - before we elevate this can you confirm you’re happy with them.

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Yes! done, thanks.

Let’s elevate it.

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This proposal has now been elevated to snapshot, voting starts tomorrow @ 7:17am UTC


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