P-3: Developer DAO Season 0

100% this is problem we need to think about if we are to keep inline with our Inclusive value. I have spun up a community guild Trello to start capturing these ideas and suggestions so we can being to work through them in Season 0.

Here is a link to this topic on trello

Re-playing the Town hall / other meetings and providing another opportunity for people to attend and claim POAP seems like the less ideal but far easier solution at the moment assuming this works from a DEGEN Bot / POAP point of view @willblackburn ?

Alternating meeting times is a more ideal solution for those missing out but it’s much trickier in practice and something we need to think about how we tackle a bit more.

cc @thisizkp


As the town hall meeting is bi-weekly, maybe we could vote for the time in between the next town hall so that we know which specific time is suitable for most of the members who want to join :slight_smile:

+100 to this thread. It would be good if the Decentralized bit also extended to timezones - that would also encourage more participation outside of the US. There is no reason why the TZ cant just be rotated - there are about 8 major timezone groupings that span 3 hours each and so meetings could just roll on that 8 week basis (simply round robin style). That distributes the load evenly and everyone is equally affected, which is what you want since the goal is to distribute the pain rather than achieve convenience for everyone.

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it’s not vert easy to set up a channel, I want to set up a python web3py channel.

I apologize if this was already suggested but maybe we can use the Scheduled Events feature from Discord.

I saw this feature in action on another Discord server and felt that upcoming events caught my attention more. I think it will work well for us. :slight_smile:

That is my first post in this community. Thank you very much for detailing Season 0 so much. I am starting a first Polish DAO and we seek inspiration. I know we lack a lot of skills, especially compared to yours, but will will achieve our goals. I will contribute to Developer DAO as much as I can, because I hope that you will teach me a lot about building one. We want to encourage and empower young people here and introduce them to blockchain and essentially the future.

I am looking forward to working with you and thank you for amazing stuff you are doing!