Lets give a chance to buidlers to buidl!

Hi All!

This post is related to my recent message in the “dao-manifesto” discord channel.

We have an amazing tech talent in our group, and we should think about the next steps to take our DAO forward. My proposal is to incubate/curate the projects under the developers dao banner so as to deliver kick-ass products in the crypto market. Below are the high-level points that I shared in the discord and would love to hear your feedback:

  • Define skill-based roles in discord (solidity dev, frontend dev, PM, content ninza, marketeer, etc)

  • We can have specific channels/communities for people with a given skill. This can be great for helping each other and sharing the latest trends & learning resources. We already have similar channels in the discord

  • Define a timeline by when people can submit the ideas for a given DAO season. Let the creative juice flow!

  • Do a community vote to choose the top x ideas. This will be our internal shark tank.

  • Allow people to form the teams. Separate channels for each of the teams.

Once we finalize the DAO tooling, we can allow DAO members to contribute to the seed funding round, if needed. Developer DAO should also own nominal equity in the selected projects.

Working on a real-life web3 project will definitely help in upgrading the skills of fellow devs. Later, our successful projects can be showcased to other DAOs to get service-based DAO to DAO contracts. Similar to what raid guild is doing.

Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks of this proposal.



Using additional events like hackathons could focus our efforts and give some positive constraints

Currently doing the Chainlink hackathon and it’s super helpful especially with the learning sessions

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I’m biased working over at Gitcoin on the virtual events / hackathons biz, but hosting an exclusive or have a raid of devs from the DAO come join an open hackathon and prove their skills would be amazing. We’re currently building a GitcoinDAO Builderband comprised of previous hackathon & bounty winners, sort of an alumni network that will get the spotlight working on bounties for our premium partners. I imagine there are several devs from this DAO that could be represented in that clan of shadowy super coders :slight_smile:

I’m Beist#9989 on Discord, feel free to tag me if there’s any discussions related to this!