Introducing the Banyan Collective & Developer DAO Partnership: A Month-Long Journey into Chain Abstraction!

GM !

We are excited to announce a partnership between Banyan Collective and Developer DAO, starting January 1st. This collaboration is a deep dive into the NEAR Protocol, focusing on the innovative realm of Chain Abstraction.

What’s in Store?

  1. In-Depth Blog Post: Kickstarting with a detailed blog post about Chain Abstraction, laying a solid foundation for our journey ahead. @Kay

  2. 30 Days of Content Creation Challenge: Beginning January 2nd, you’re invited to partake in a Twitter thread challenge. Share your daily insights on Chain Abstraction and stand a chance to win 1000 USDC! Ran by @Kay and @manny

  3. Learning Opportunities: This partnership is your gateway to understanding:

    • BOS’s composable and decentralized frontends
    • NEAR’s Data Availability solution
    • zkWASM research with Polygon
    • Account aggregation
  4. Abstraction Hacks Hackathon: Challenge yourself in a three-week hackathon from January 8th to 28th. This hackathon will cover multi-chain decentralized frontends, data availability, account aggregation, and zkWASM execution. Register and learn more at Abstraction Hacks.

  5. Workshops by @Billyjitsu:

    • Jan 4th at 12pm ET: Online Workshop Pt. 1 - “Introduction to Chain Abstraction”
    • Jan 11th at 12pm ET: Online Workshop Pt. 2 - “Building Composable and Decentralized Frontends”
    • Jan 18th at 12pm ET: Online Workshop Pt. 3 - “Data Availability & Account Aggregation”
  6. Full Schedule of Events: From idea-sharing sessions, team-building activities to online and in-person workshops, there’s a lot planned. Key dates include the Hackathon Kickoff on January 8th and various workshops led by industry experts.

  7. Pre-Hackathon Activities: Engage in November and December workshops on Metatransactions, Remote Accounts, and more, along with NEARCON events.

  8. Hackathon Judging and Prizes: The hackathon concludes on January 28th, followed by judging and the announcement of winners and prizes on February 5th.

  9. Newsletter : Exposure to all the events run by D_D and abstraction hack. @Kay

We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor. This partnership is not just about learning; it’s about applying, innovating, and shaping the future of blockchain technology.


While I appreciate the sponsorship for a 30 days of content event, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to do this right after the first one finished.

I would have expected such a long event event every other month or so. To make it a bit more special, maybe more time to find more sponsors for more prizes, etc.

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Do you mean you’re concerned that we’re doing another 30 days of content with this partner right after we did our 30 days of content this past month?

If so then I’m trying to propose that we do a thread competition instead, but confirming with the partner.

Would also like to get your thoughts on this as well.