Integrating Wat to the DD stack

I am hanging out in the community for a couple of weeks and am very grateful for how DD makes building better and more fun!!

That’s similar to what we are looking to do at Wat

✧ Wat: Google for NFTs ✧
✧ Modular and powerful API for builders to 100x their NFT search bar ✧
✧ We handle search so you can focus on what matters ✧

We are a fully bootstrapped project that I believe will matter in the long run.
Looking forward to how we can give to the community and growth with it

Curious, is there a DD tooling suit? A kind of all-in toolbox for devs?
Would love to get our API integrated into it (maybe the github)

Also keen to have everyone’s feedback here
DM me if you want an API key :heart:

Here is Reservoir Market before/after using Wat (it speaks for itself IMO)

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While we used to have a resources airtable and repo, I think those aren’t being maintained any longer. As it sounds like you’re in on the project, I’d say you should post it to the #shill-your-project in Discord (not sure if that link will work)