Idea: D_D Hackathon Funnel


  • On average, hackathons are one of the best opportunities to learn real skills, produce resume projects, and network with peers and employers.
  • Anecdotally, we know that many/most people join Developer DAO for the same reasons.
  • We should invest in processes and tools that help members enter hackathons and have successful experiences within them.


I’d love to see a DAO team take ownership of hackathon team prep. I asked this question on the bird app and got some great feedback.

My takeaways:

  • Templates/starter kits optimized for hackathons would be a great public good produced and maintained by DAO members. Similar things exist, but I believe it would be great for an internal team to own those decisions and dogfood tools that we create.
  • Hackathons are typically tight timelines. Providing great documentation/content/workshops using those templates would help people get moving quickly.
  • Design plays a large role in hackathon evaluations; all you get is a first impression. Templates should include attractive component libraries, etc.
  • Re: first impression importance, template slide decks could be offered by the DAO to aid in professional presentations of projects.
  • Match-making for projects is a big problem space with a lot of opportunity for experimentation.
    • Teams need to have some bases covered: front-end, back-end/smart contracts, design, etc.
    • Ideally, teams are aligned on project interests, e.g., defi, NFTs, network, causes like environmentalism, etc.
    • Opportunity to grow network in specific direction, e.g., for web3con, @camiinthisthang offered specific opportunities for women to meet and form teams.
    • A little randomness can be fun.

If you’re interested in joining or leading a team to bring some of these ideas to life, please speak up!


Like this idea! I’m a full-stack web dev and I would be up to collaborate in anything you need.

Good luck!


I’ve organized several hackathons including student, professional, and corporate events. I’ve also won several hackathons including most recently Miami Hack Week Spring 22. I would absolutely love to help educate others on how to win hackathons, how to network at them, and how to get the most out of it.


Will be doing part of this as part of the mentorship program

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awesome! let me know when more details are available and what support would be helpful!

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@ntindle fair to say this is not on the mentorship team roadmap in Season 1? no big deal either way, i’d just like to throw it back out into the wild if so, to see if anyone wants to run with it.

That’s fair to say we won’t be doing it for S1

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I’d love to come on and help produce hackathons! I’m a full stack dev from AWS and project manager with experience in federal marketing and government grants.

But especially since I travel a ton already and hosting Vibes IRL involved in #MBD and #D_DAcademy!

Let me know who connect with and how to get started. @wolovim

PSA: the #join-hackathons channel now exists in the ALPHA category of channels in Discord. This is a nice starting point for members to have a place to coordinate and form teams. Would still love to see investment in resources like starter kits, design assets, and slide decks for presentations :wink: - interested parties can open a thread in that new hackathon forum channel.

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PSA: next evolution is a budget draft for a Hackathon Support Team: DRAFT: Hackathon Support Team.

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