Governance Guild Season 1 Budget

Governance Guild Season 1 Budget

Authors: @willblackburn @isiah @doswell.eth @trai.eth
Budget Steward Sponsor: @kempsterrrr


This is the Governance Guild’s Season 1 budget proposal for ongoing work with the guild. The Governance Guild seeks to establish the procedures & tooling for the Developer DAO to govern itself. The Governance Guild will use OKRs to monitor progress on our objectives.

Motivation & Alignment with our Mission, Values, and Goals

To help the Developer DAO govern itself effectively, a number of improvements are still needed. This includes the launch of our governance token, decentralizing out key responsibility (such as treasury multisig holders and proposal champions), and working through delegation discussions. This proposal establishes the roles and, more importantly, the responsibility needed to accomplish these items.

Additionally, roles such as the Governance Steward align well with our Mission, Values, and Goals, as it is essential that our proposal process involves community discussion, feedback, and eventually decision.

The below can be considered as the Scope of Work of the proposal.

Proposed Roles

Below are the proposed roles that members in the Governance Guild will hold during Season 1. All roles outside of the project champions will be chosen via nominations and elections through our governance process. You can follow the nomination process on our tracker below.

Governance Guild Season 1 Nominations & Elections Tracker

There are 6 roles defined in the Governance Guild for Season 1:

  • Guild Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Governance Steward
  • External Delegation Committee Member
  • Project Champion
  • Project Contributor

Guild Leader


The guild leader helps to set the overall direction of the Governance Guild in alignment with the DAO’s Mission, Values, and Goals. They help lead collaboration with other guild and working groups and are responsible for monitoring & reporting on progress.

Responsibility & Deliverables:

  • Lead the Governance Guild to create and accomplish the guild’s goals. Ensure that the Governance Guild is working towards the Mission, Values, and Goals of the DAO as a whole.
  • Responsible for the Governance Guild OKRs.
  • Lead the intra-DAO collaboration with other working groups and guilds.
  • Responsible for Governance Guild budget formation and following.
  • Responsible with other role members in creation and maintenance of operating manuals for each role. Responsible for creation and maintenance of a Guild Lead Operating Manual for the Governance Guild.
  • Responsible for monitoring & reporting on Governance Guild progress. Ideally with the formation of Objectives & Key Results along with monitoring Key Performance Indicators.


  • 12 hours per week

Project Manager


The project manager helps to move Governance Guild projects forward by assisting in task tracking and by enabling new Governance Guild contributors to be plugged in where needed.

Responsibility & Deliverables:

  • Lead the Projects kanban board for the Governance Guild.
  • Assist with task tracking for these projects.
  • Plug in new guild contributors to projects.
  • Collect project updates for the DAO.
  • Responsible with Guild Lead in creation and maintenance of a Project Manager Operating Manual for the Governance Guild.


  • 8 hours per week

Governance Steward


The governance steward helps to move Developer DAO proposals forward by assisting in the Developer DAO Improvement Proposal process and facilitating conversations.

Responsibility & Deliverables:

  • Lead the Proposals kanban board for the Governance Guild.
  • Assist with proposal tracking including status stage, dates, links, and other information.
  • Unblocks proposals that are stuck in the process.
  • Facilitate conversations around proposals by hosting a bi-weekly Governance proposal meeting.
  • Responsible with Guild Lead in creation and maintenance of a Governance Steward Operating Manual for the Governance Guild.


  • 10 hours per week

External Delegation Committee

The External Delegation Committee has passed our governance process as P-12. This seasonal budget includes the committee as role members in the Governance Guild.

5 members will serve as the initial External Delegation Committee. The scope and responsibility of the committee has been defined as can be read here: P-12: Formalize External Proposals Delegate Process.


  • 10 hours per week (2 hrs x5 members)

Project Champions

Project champions are defined as the member ultimately responsible for their project. Having this clearly defined allows for better collaboration and communication with other guild & DAO members. Project champions deliverables are defined and budgeted in the Projects section below.

Project Contributors

Project contributors are members who contribute to guild projects. Their contribution is defined and budgeted in the Projects section below.


Decentralize the DAO

Project Overview

  • Create a framework, pattern language, and philosophy, for decentralizing Developer DAO

Project Deliverables

  • Decentralize the treasury multisig by establishing a nomination and rotation process.
  • Provide guidelines for guild & project multisig management.
  • Develop a roadmap for Progressive Decentralization.

Project Champion & Budget

  • Doswell.eth will be the Project Champion for this project.
  • 15 hours per week

DAO Governance Tooling Research Project

Project Overview

The DAO tooling project will research current and upcoming tools by building public use cases and inviting the Developer DAO community to participate in live demos. The goals are to find and “kick the tires” of promising upcoming projects, or underutilized features of established projects, encourage participation by Developer DAO members in demos, and find opportunities for members to contribute to projects or identify and build new tools.

Project Deliverables

  • Conduct public research on DAO tooling as it relates to Governance.
  • Facilitate open testing (”Dogfooding”) of tools in public proof-of-concept demos
  • Release research reports & summaries of research.
  • Provide advice to the DAO around DAO Governance implementation and tooling.

Project Champion & Budget

  • Trai.eth will be the project champion for this project.
  • 10 hours per week

Overall Budget

Operational Roles: 40 hours per week

Project Budgets: 25 hours per week

Total: 65 hours per week
Total $CODE (assuming 16 week season): $15,600


  • Yes, I support this budget application
  • No, I do not support this budget application

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thanks for putting this together @willblackburn! In full support of this

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thanks for putting this together @willblackburn by my calculations the full budget ask here is 65 * 15 CODE * 16 weeks = CODE $5,600 - is that correct?

With those assumptions, it’s 15,600 $CODE.

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hahahaha pretty sure I even used a calculator no idea how I got that wrong :man_facepalming:

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Slight updates can be found here.

  • Linking to the draft OKR tracker
  • Including Operating Manuals responsibilities for Guild Leader, Project Manager, and Governance Steward.

How are contributors in the 2 projects rewarded? The number of hours in the project is the total for the project, if so, how it’s divided between champion and contributors?

The project manager along with the project champion will keep track of hours and the rewards will be sent based on that.

@willblackburn could you add this figure to the budget summary please

Looking good to me. as a reminder dealing for final draft is Sunday, I’ve be happy to sponsor this application so feel free to add my name at the top under authors to signal this :slight_smile:

Governance Guild Monthly Update

  • Researched ways to quickly enable delegation for our $CODE token and community. Claims were done with self-delegation of voting via ERC20-Votes. New process will allow for easy delegation of tokens to other members.
  • For the above, a Governor contract can be created for use with our token. We would then be able to use some existing governance tooling for easy delegation discovery & selection process.
  • Talked with Boardroom, Hats Protocol, and some others to as part of the Governance Tooling project.
  • Updated our voting mechanism on Snapshot to use new ERC20 $CODE token. This currently does not take in to account delegation (even if it is done via Etherscan, etc). Instead, voting power is simply a balance_of calculation. Talking about ways to improve this further with quadratic formulas, seasonal-contribution NFT weight multipliers, etc.
  • Added a lot of information around on External Delegate committee & process on the wiki including committee member information, historical votes, etc.
  • Guild team members caught up on some conversations that had flown under the radar for them including the state of the developer dao (steward updates, etc) and simplyfing governance.
  • Currently helping to draft proposals in this area.
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