General Proposal Template, Rules and Guidelines (v 0.1)

Suggesting an initial version of the Proposal template. Inspired from templates of other DAOs.

Proposal Rules and Guidelines

  • Proposals can only be initiated by a Developer DAO member ( Anyone who holds atleast 1 Devs For Revolution Token).

  • Every proposal which needs to be voted on by the community should be posted on the Proposals Category of the Developer DAO Forum.

  • Before posting a proposal here, it is always advised to start an initial discussion on the Developer DAO discord server or on the General category of this forum.

  • If a person/group of people are proposing any particular proposal, they should be ready to engage with the community e.g. by answering their replies, addressing their concerns.


A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired changes. Should be no more than a few sentences.

Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the community in general. How is it adding value and what problem or opportunity does this proposal target?

Scope of Work
Lay out your proposal in detail explaining how it is going to tackle the issue at hand and present the action items, probable timelines and final goals.

Success metrics and KPIs
How will the community measure the project’s success?

Details of Proposers
Give a brief about who you/your team are and mention your discord handles.

Relatively smaller/ non-complicated proposals can be voted in the Discord Polls for quick execution. Bigger and significant proposals will move to the the Voting phase.
Voting procedure will be added soon after the governance procedures are set-up.


I agree with the intent but do we/Discourse have the means by which to check this?


Yes, that is why every proposer needs to mention their discord id, which will be cross-checked by one of our moderators. If someone is not a member of the Developer DAO discord, their proposal will be removed.

I wonder if we can automate this somehow via a bot (either an existing one or one we can make) where it cross references the discord id with member list on the discord server itself


I see a pretty limited list of plugins on the Discourse site, but I did run across a document about creating your own. Not sure if Ruby is a must or just what this person did theirs in: How to create a Discourse plugin –

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Neat, i’m pretty new to discourse myself but yeah, that plugins list looks pretty sparse. I’ll have a look-see at the article but it looks like out of the box the only plugin with some potential is maybe this one around chat integration. We could open a “proposals” channel in the discord and have them surface there for mod approval. The automation is more a nice to have then anything but we can look to automate things if manual moderation gets too out of hand

Hero for getting this rolling @Sandipan - i’d + 1 for using this template. can always be refined if we need to in the future.

Regarding who can make proposals. I raised the idea of locking discourse to only members of the DAO however @8f in discord made a good point that discourse if often the place other orgs/DAOs reach out to suggest collaborations. Find the thread here.

I left the discourse open for this reason but it’s not my right to make that decision just did so we could get the forum rolling. What do others think re this topic?

My thoughts on two potentail ways forward:

  1. Anyone can make proposalss
  2. Only DAO members can make proposals but we create another category for non-members to suggest collabs/proposals

I’d probably vote for 1. so long as it’s clear in the body of the proprosal who is making it.

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Can I suggest one addition to this template: Next Steps - just to give a little more clarity in exactly how it’s executed if a vote passes.


Great template! Couple thoughts that may or may not belong in the same thread:

  • Ideally, as a decentralized org, projects with enough interest to get off the ground shouldn’t need permission from anyone to get building. Caveat: unless the project contradicts the mission of the DAO or is harmful in some regard.
  • However, if a project needs capital to get off the ground, it’ll have to come from somewhere. Some process for approving funds required by projects may be needed.

Re: who can make proposals, this could also be handled via tags. We’ve recently had similar discussions at The Graph to identify proposals which go through the protocol governance process requiring Council approval vs. those that don’t. Settled on the solution to highlight that with ‘Protocol Gov’ tags. Allows for more consistency/transparency and you can set up tags in Discourse being restricted to mods, so it allows for better control by DAO members. Could also consider that with delineating between smaller proposals and larger proposals.

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