Eden Dispatch #26

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Key Metrics

  • Number of new jobs: + 5
  • Total number of live jobs: 7
  • Number of interviews this week: + 12
  • Total talent interviewed: 323
  • Total revenue flowed back to the DAO: 200 USDC


  • First revenue back to the DAO :tada:
  • Big rebrand of the jobs page to be more in line with D_D brand
  • 5 new live opportunities!

This weeks accomplishments


  • Complete redesign of the D_D job board & opportunity page to reflect the D_D brand more
  • Transfer of the whole product to developer-dao.joineden.ai
  • Finished & tested the dynamic.xyz implementation
  • New invite flow live
  • New social image for the job-board


  • First Revenue back to the DAO :tada:
  • 5 new live opportunities on the platform
    • 2 from gitcoin
    • 1 from hiro systems
    • 1 from ottersec
    • 1 from walletconnect
  • Phala & Cowfi are still live

Community asks

  • Signup for the talent collective - the more people we have in the talent collective the easier it is to provide an amazing experience for the hiring managers coming to hire through Developer DAO!


  • The jobs to be done for hiring managers are first get relevant distribution, then help me figure out who to talk to quickly & why. One does not fly without first having solved the other. Developer DAO has that targeted distribution, so our first objective should be to focus on helping developer DAO capitalise on that distribution with our focus building the tools that makes creating & capturing value with that distribution in the context of a job-search easier. The AI features are great as they will give us a leg up, once we solved tapping into distribution.
  • Get to 1500 members interviewed in the talent collective by the end of February.
  • Pay out first 1000 USDC back to the DAO from sold job-slots

Key Decisions Made

  • Fully committed to D_D as in from a startup perspective β€œdoing the things that don’t scale”


  • Kempsterr for tirelessly providing feedback & the Gitcoin jobs!
  • XYZ for stepping in with an amazing rebranding effort in less than 2 days
  • Manny for the Hiro Systems & Ottersec link ups!
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