Eden Dispatch #25


This weeks accomplishments


  • Finalised Dynamic Implementation
  • Search v2 push
  • Next 3 month roadmap finalised
  • hyper prioritised fixing UX
    • Redesign job-board layout
    • UX improvements when applying


  • Wirex in final stages
  • Open convos with 5 others
  • Set up a 2/week talent user feedback call minimum
  • Set up a 2/week hiring manager user feedback call minimum

Community asks

  • We’re looking to get more jobs posted - so if you know anybody that is hiring, do let us know!


  • Momentum is everything - our number one prioirty should be creating momentum, for ourselves & for the community. It’s clear that we’ve lost that momentum over winter break again a bit - time to pick that back up.
  • momentum is easier with less friction - our UX is still too friction-full


  • Grow number of job-posts on Eden to 30 in feb
  • Grow the total number of talent interviewed to 700

Key Decisions Made

  • None


  • Eloi for implementing dynamic which turned out to be more complex than expected + hacking together our first frame on farcaster!