Eden Community Updates - Dispatch #21

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  • COMMUNITY ASK: Please comment on our figma pages :))
  • Lots of potential partners in the pipe for January
  • Focus has been on tightening the current application
  • 1 new very exciting epic launched internally - we’ll share more soon: Multi player referrals
  • Getting ready to step foot full on the gass with sales in Jan

This weeks accomplishments


  • v0.1 of natural language search implemented & being tested internally
    • v excited about this - we’ve built a proprietary way to understand what your talents & aspirations are from your cv & interview - and make that searchable.
  • Forfeited telegram for e-mail
    • for now as we weren’t getting the most robust results yet with telegram, and would take too much of our focus to make this feature really good & was creating a shitty experience for some users.
    • You will now receive e-mail notificaitons about your application + hiring mangers will get an overview of all the applicants in their inbox
  • Improved job board & pages speed
  • Implemented v1 of custom SEO image for each job-page
  • Implemented new & improved login page
  • Implemented a robust QA process for core Eden flows (apply for a job + post a job)
    • Got a seasoned QA engineer who helped us set up a robust way to test Eden and make sure we don’t get any bugs - when you find them, please let us know!!
  • Started implementing v1 of our own dashboard tracking all interviews, jobs & other relevant statistics (will make this public asap)
  • Started work on multi-player referrals (more on that soon)
  • Implemented new final page on the interview
  • Fixed bugs
    • Matchstimate: Some users were not seeing the matchstimate updated after they did the interview on an application
    • Final details application data: “final details” information was being overwritten instead of stored per application alongside with the interviews.
    • Login bug: when new users tried to create an account there were some problems with vercel auth - we fixed thos


  • Phala onboarded for pilot
  • Cowfi, polygon, Aragon, Lifi, Stacker demo meeting scheduled
  • Following up with: Hyperlane, Celestia, Walletconnect, Base, Mantle, Gnosis, 1kx, scroll, Mina, Chronicle Labs, Mask Network, Axiom, Blossom, ZkSync, Avara, Gitcoin, LayerN, Protocol labs
    • All of them told me to come back after the holidays - jan/feb should be big!
  • Simplified demo deck for companies: Eden | Demo Deck
  • Lots of work done to streamline sales process from outreach to closing.

Community asks


  • Over-communicate: This has been our biggest flaw as Eden, not communicating our progress resulting to a black-box feel on the outside while on the inside we’ve all been doing 80h/weeks for the past year - hence us starting to make our weekly dispatches public.
  • Make sure to build a very solid base that works well before experimenting with the more experimental features: telegram & “ask eden” turned out to require a lot more work than we initially anticipated to make robust, creating less than ideal experiences for some users.

Objectives (by next week)

  • Have a hyper stable, QA’d, battletested bug free version of Eden in production

Key Decisions Made

  • Freeze telegram for a bit - use e-mail instead
  • Implement a SaaS inspired 4-step sales flow (Qualify - Demo - Pilot - Convert)


  • Kemp for always giving amazing feedback and pushing hard with us
  • Manny for lighting a fire under our ass and expecting the most from us
  • Patrick for his full HD looms with feedback - things like that are invaluable to us
  • To Nick for trying out the platform & giving feedback in a loom
  • All you guys for the day-1 support we’ve gotten from our D_D familyPreformatted text