[DRAFT v1] - Public Goods Guild S1 Budget Application - Archived

[DRAFT] - Public Goods Guild S1 Budget Application

Authors; RyanCoordinator, mulford.eth



Public Good Guild Budget Application for Season 1. It defines the high-level goals of the Guild, plans to deliver on these goals, team responsible and the requested budget.


  • Create an organization to support the next hundred years of Public Goods - the Public Goods Century.
  • Ultimately, Public Goods are about /people/. PGG will support people, and their projects which in turn support people.
  • This means giving resources to people and their projects, from financial resources to information resources to human resources.
  • In Developer DAO Season 1, Public Goods Guild has a goal of setting itself up to be stable and sustainable while beginning to serve our community.
  • Three major initiatives will have our focus this season:
    1. Major fundraising work to bring in financial resources and create a durable endowment.
    1. Connecting projects and champions with existing grants and opportunities already structured for delivery by external organizations.
    1. Public Goods gardening, providing direct non-financial support to champions and project contributors in the form of coaching, mentorship, connections to opportunities, publicity, etc. Basically, giving Public Goods initiatives the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.
  • In future seasons, we will focus on working with other Public Goods groups, like Gitcoin’s Public Goods Library and ENS’s Public Goods Working Group.

Mission, values and goals alignment

How does your Project or new Guild align with the DAOs mission, values and goals?

​​”Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods” PGG exists to execute on this goal

Brand usage

How, if at all, will you use the Developer DAO Brand.

Public Goods Guild should ideally grow into a durable institution that continues forever to provide support to Developer DAO and D_D members and initiatives.

The use of the D_D brand is not strictly required, but it would be nice to say “Public Goods Guild at Developer DAO”
The success of PGG should bring public good will and drive member growth and engagement for D_D.

Scope of work

Define Core Team

A core guild team is required for managing the processes, infrastructure, and strategy, and supporting all the educational and building efforts. At least 3 members are needed to have an operating multi-sig. The current members who have volunteered to be in charge of it are

  • RyanCoordinator#3991
  • mulford.eth/#0001
  • isiah#1111

Define Core Tasks

Any member can volunteer for any of the following tasks, and if there are multiple volunteers, the Guild will vote to define one.

Role / Candidates Tasks to perform $CODE/Season
Guild Lead - RyanCoordinator Set PGG up to be a durable institution, instantiate and shepherd the processes in PGG to empower contributors to advance our mission and Public Goods. Fundraising and bringing in resources. 40h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
Deputy Guild Lead- Isiah Assist in PGG operations and essentially ‘dual’ the Guild Lead, with the context and capability to step in should the need arise 20h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
External Grants Connector Lead / Wikist - Erik? Maintain information on available grants and funding opportunities and facilitate connections with champions and teams 15h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
Public Goods Gardening Lead - Bobbay Set up and lead programme to provide direct individualized support and opportunities to Public Goods champions and contributors 15h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
Public Goods Prototyper ? Ideate and prototype ideas and technologies for PGG and Public Goods in general, ideally that can grow into independent initiatives 15h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
Treasury assistant - Mulford.eth Assist setting up and maintaining treasury policies and processes 10h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
Gardeners and connectors - Chakra? Boris? Contribute to Public Goods gardening and connecting champions with opportunities with the support and direction of programme leads Variable depending on desire and availability. Estimate 10 contributors / 10h / wk / season length*$CODE-rate
Supporters and Advisors - Scott? Contribute expert advice from the wider Public Goods sphere 2h/wk/season length*$CODE-rate
  • Publicity and Public Goods wider consciousness growth
  • Education and Public Goods School educators
  • IRL Public Goods Events Library - meetups and pizza parties programme, to be explored, will have organizers on the ground in cities with libraries. Perhaps study groups or book clubs, or just social events. This will take time to scale up and get right, but should be a great funnel for bringing people into Public Goods and Developer DAO.

Financial implications

Bringing in financial resources for D_D and projects should be net-positive in PGG’s first year. PGG aims to be self-funding, with only $CODE being requested from the D_D treasury.


As above

Success Metrics & KPIs

How can you and the DAO know if you’ve been successful

  • number projects receiving support
  • number projects connected with grants or other opportunities
  • Amount of funds raised
  • number of PGG contributors actively engaged

Next Steps

What are the next steps for this Budget Application

The immediate next steps are finalizing the budget and first cohort of contributors.

Harmonizing PGG initiatives with existing work already underway by people all over D_D, like the Grants work from Wikist & Erik.

Ensuring the legal groundwork is in place to accept funding, reigniting fundraising conversations and cementing agreements.


Thanks for posting this @mulford.eth :slight_smile:

For context, this follows on the RFC posted by @Bobbay and the work that’s been brewing around D_D for many moons.

If you think your name should be on this proposal or you want to get involved, please put your hand up!

The Public Goods Guild has sync calls on Mondays at 10am et and 3pm et to accomodate as many people in diverse timezones as possible. Join us, and let’s build a better world together! :heart:

great work @mulford.eth ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

a few questions / notes

  1. Guild lead role is a full time position but it’s paid in $CODE. We need to make sure that this is sustainable for the candidate (be it Ryan or anyone else), as we are not sure how liquid or stable will the token be. Peoples risk tolerance is their personal matter, but it might be problematic for the guild if the leader starts dropping balls because of that.
    The best solution would be probably to add some stables to the compensation package, but we need to stay inline with the current solely $CODE payment, so perhaps we would like to split that effort between 2 people?

  2. Gardening roles. What do you mean by “providing opportunities”?

  3. Public goods prototyper. Not sure about this role. Do we want to incubate ideas inside the guild and then provide potential champions with it, or is it to have an “in-house dev team” to help non technical champions to create an initial prototype?
    In both cases, I think we’re running ahead of ourselves. If it is the former, we don’t know how much projects we can fund and whether there will be lack of ideas. If it is the latter, we don’t know if such help is needed (we’re developer dao after all)

  4. The vision is clear, but we also should define what our goals are for S1. From what I recall, last meeting we discussed:
    a. Securing the main funding (with disbursement in S2)
    b. Providing existing projects with grant opportunities (if anyone can name the exact projects that would be great)
    c. Initial framework for supporting pg founders (will probably have to define it better)
    From the goals for S1 we can actually derive target numbers for the metrics section (1m$ raised / 3 projects funded / … - number totally made up)

I think we’re running ahead of ourselves

I agree completely.
Trying to define a budget like this so soon after starting PGG is premature.

I felt rushed by the timeline of the Operator’s proposal and the S1 budget deadlines, and released this too soon. This was my mistake.

This may be a good starting point for discussion, but it is not a strong foundation for S1 for PGG.
It is not expected to pass this budget in its current form.
The guild needs time to develop itself and put forward a more mature proposal.

As the Operators process includes delivering a fundraising group like PGG for Season 1, it may be most realistic to ramp up and launch with a budget like this officially in S2.

I will leave this draft up for discussion for now, and devote my forum efforts to working on the Operators proposal.

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Let’s take some time to formulate how the PGG will look, I think a ‘devrel’ sort of role might be helpful for other digital public goods that D_D can bring to the ecosystem (and is unique to D_D!)

Even though it was a rushed application, I am sure we will have a benefit out of it. That is going to be a great canvas to work with.

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interested to get folks thoughts on the plan for this guild application cc @stewards @Wikist @chuck25 @mulford.eth

no doubt it was rushed, and to confuse the matter even more we have the fundraising operator role which feels basically like the guild lead for this if it were to exist. I wonder if it is better to pause this as a guild and empower the Fundraising operators to define how this will all work as per their JD first, rather than having to worry about an entire guild out of the gate.

this was driven largely by @RyanCoordinator AFAIK who is no longer with us but had clear plans/goals etc. that I’m unsure if they still apply in the same way for the folks picking up this work?

would love to understand others thoughts on this. deadline for final budgets is Sunday @ 12pm UTC so discussion needs to move along quite quickly !!

IIRC, this is essentially what the PGG working group decided at its last meeting on Monday, June 27. @Piablo @Wikist keep me honest here…

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It was unanimously decided at the last PGG meeting that the guild does need to exist, for lots of reasons, including as a possible home for ethics questions, but as an initiative and not right now as a guild. The coming time should be used to scope it out with input from fundraising operators.
And, if for some reason, there is little or no development as an initiative, it was suggested that the idea of getting a PG guild started should be revisited at least six weeks before the end of Season1 to ensure a cohesive and meaningful birth in Season2, pending desire to do so.

just to be clear here y’all, you are moving forward with the PGG or not? cc @Wikist @chuck25

if so, this budget needs to change a fair bit given Ryan is no longer with us.

lots of reasons, including as a possible home for ethics questions, but as an initiative and not right now as a guild. The coming time should be used to scope it out with input from fundraising operators.

the only thing that worries me about this is @chuck25 and @Wikist being blocked in terms of moving forward with grant work. do they need the PGG permission to do anything? What does that relationships look like?

feel very strongly we need to trust folks to take on leadership responsibilities so important if they’re going to run with the funding work they can actually lead that rather than feeling like they can’t do anything without a consensus from everyone else all the time, given them being voted into the position is empowering them to lead the area. right?

Things are on hold for now based on the most recent meeting.

We had a good talk about process details which was drawn up really nicely here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

And a plan to revisit before the start of Season 2 with a better idea of what PGG would do and hopefully advance this initiative.

I am excited about the idea of public goods and what the DAO could do in this area.


thanks @mulford.eth - will assume this is being archived for now then unless I hear differently from others @chuck25 @Wikist @Piablo etc.

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back on on 27th June, the consensus was to put this Guild on hold until after Season 1 (as already mentioned above). I voted against doing so at the time — but have come to realize that taking a pause, is what is best for the Guild’s long term potential.

During the course of the meeting, we realized that there’s a lot of missing pieces, in terms of the DAO’s processes. @vorcigernix and myself on the OKRs Initiative, in conjunction with others such as Budget Stewards are hoping to seal up some of these things up over the 16-week period. This spans Code of Conduct, vetting processes for internal and external applicants (and Minimum Viable Credentials), and liaising with the Fundraising Operators, MBD and DevReal to define a framework for partnerships etc

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What other said above is right. This guild is on hold, as with Fundraising Operator there is no imminent need for it, nor people to work on it. But as mentioned in the Notion page, we want to revisit this idea closer to season 2. :slight_smile: