[DRAFT] - Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application

have added us both as supporters


It will not be every week the same amount, we are incredibly close with everyone and we are deciding together as a team for every single task. As you can see already from the tasks that we are filling up in Dework Soil :seedling:(more than 120 tasks done btw)

What we do already is we are discussing and come to a common agreement on approximately how many hours the specific task will take, after that during the review we change in case it took more or less hours

So it will be based on specific hours spent on tasks each week, some times it will be less than 13 some times it will be more than 13 hours

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Sorry Kemp for not being responsive here, we were working on everything that you asked us on the backEnd

I am really grateful that you change that to a vote and really excited to start the process! :smiley:

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Will there be a bio written for the other people listed on the project? It appears to only mention 4 people, but I can see that the team has since grown

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Great question, we are preparing that actually, but as you can understand this takes some time and we had a deadline for Sunday, so what we will do is, we will organize this info inside our Soil :seedling: Notion for every individual and we will display it there :smiley: when this is Done we will share the link here, and everywhere else


it’s just occurred to me — but I’d actually suggest increasing the budget to include rewards for non-team members who contribute towards its development. the weekly sync meetings are less of a one-way communication by the team, but more of an engagement session with potential users. I’d wager that these sessions are quite important for the project, as its targeted users are being brought into the innovation process. and it’s more than giving feedback over the call, but going through interactive exercises via Miro.

I’d benchmark participation by:

• attending the audio call — 15 $CODE

• work done in Miro during the call — $15 CODE

• work done outside of the call, on Miro — $15 CODE

one way I’m contextualizing contributions within the various projects under the Community Guild (AxisOne, Onboarding, Server Architecture), and for the OKRs Initiative is by adopting a practice from the legal profession: billable hours.

any work done that is in service to the effort/initiative/project constitutes value being created, and thus is deserving of remuneration.

these non-team contributors should probably also be factored into considerations for token drops, nfts etc in the future (should they exist).


19 contributors * 13 hours a week * 15 $CODE/hour * 12 weeks + 3000 $ CODE bounty budget = $CODE 47,460

Doesn’t s1 consist of 16 weeks?


@luan thank you so much for the suggestion

I am really sorry for taking that long to reply, we were trying to think what is the best way to address this great idea

we created a whole new post with a vote to see if more people agree with this idea

you can find the post here👇, please let us know what you think


@pbillingsby.eth I can’t believe that we didn’t find this mistake!!! Thank you so much, and really sorry for the late reply we were trying to find the best way to solve this problem

we created a new post with a vote to see if D_D wants to solve this problem

you can find the post here👇, is that ok for you?

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Comment NUMBER 100. Woohoo!

The problem that this project aims to solve is one that I experience regularly. Successful projects require many different types of stakeholders to come together. For Algovera (a DAO of data scientists), to collaborate with a DAO of another type of stakeholder (e.g. DeveloperDAO) requires that I first take a lot of time to join the community, build a reputation and find the individuals interested in working together. It’s just not scalable. I’m captivated at the prospect of using data science and recommender systems to make this process more efficient.

Hugely excited to continue to develop our relationship with the team at Soil and explore possible collaborations. In particular, I’m really looking forward to learning about your approach to community building (and how you make such great use of your gather.town HQ!).


Yeaaaaaaa 100

We had an amazing time with you on the Eden :deciduous_tree: HQ (aka Soil :seedling:) @richardblythman and Hithesh from Algovera are incredible people and I would love to introduce them more and more in D_D

Already we are discussing about some amazing ways to use Machine Learning in Eden :deciduous_tree: with the help of Algovera, I would love to explore this type of collaboration in the future


Wow a 100!! :100:

thanks @richardblythman big time!! We’re extremely excited to be working with you, Hithesh, entire of Algovera and Ocean💪🏼 frankly speaking I’m glad you guys are facing the same issue, means we’re doing something right trying to solve it haha
Community relationships is very important in Eden (Soil🌱) and we do spend a lot of time curating a welcoming environment. I’d love to share some tips and tricks on how we do it!! It’s one of the things I take care of together with @BluePanda & @impactbilli.eth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Feel free to ping me on discord @Milo#7738


Eden Milestones Oct 15th Nov 15th:

Launched Endorsement mechanism on the test environment We’re working on a strategy behind endorsements - built UI and deployed it on the Eden platform for testing. For the past month, we had 40+ user research calls focusing directly on that user flow and leveraged build-measure-learn loop to adjust to the user. Today, we’re looking for the Blockchain dev to run the initiative on developing a staking mechanism together with BluePanda.

We attended ETH Lisbon and Lisbon web3 Week. End of October to mid-November, six team members gathered in Lisbon for a blockchain week. We’ve had fun, built, and learned together, but most importantly, we’ve set up a bunch of connections and partnerships, that we’re working on today. The biggest one is a collaboration opportunity with Arweave for their on-chain data storage.

Onboarded new people In the past month Eden grew in members as we onboarded several new contributors and gained a few new advisors. Two amazing people have joined our outreach team to lead an initiative in the marketing & partnerships space. Big kudos to @muvaofmarketing and Cashton for jumping right on and contributing right away. Incredible news coming soon!

Eden spin-off to hackathons Days before ETH Lisbon started and a day before our CTO BluePanda broke his back, we had an idea of solving a problem of talent coordination, not only in DAOs but also on Hackathons. I don’t think that there’s a more urgent need for Eden value than in hackathons, where we need to match people to teams and teams to the projects - all in a matter of hours. We’re exploring this further with waxy eloi myz1237.et_ sbelka.et_ zoro reza allWisee_ (on the AI) and outreach team with Milo.i_ cashon muvaofmarketing jenga impactbilli.et_

Finished with a product demo and test environment apart from having real Eden platform that holds the data of members who’ve signed up we’ve also developed a highly sophisticated test environment with artificial data in form of JSON. It helps us to do user research with community members and change features and UI incredibly fast

Grants & partnerships
We started our fundraising journey a while back and it was kicked off by the biggest allocation of the token in D_D - eternally grateful for it🙏🏼 Your belief in us helped us succeed among other communities like OceanDAO and AlgoveraAI - we not only built long-term relationships with them but managed to receive 5 grants in total, accelerating the development. We received small one-time grants from Gitcoin & Polygon BUIDL IT and a bigger grant from Lens. Today, we’re actively exploring partnership opportunities with Aave, Gnosis, SAFE, Metis, Polygon, TheGraph, Radicle & NEAR.

Value-add for Developer DAO
As many of you know, we launched an onboarding party page a few months back, now it’s being used weekly to onboard new talent into D_D💙 Also, we launched our bot in D_D and we’re actively testing both platform and the bot on 1:1 daily calls. We’ve talked to over 100 people in the community to deliver user-oriented product, with intuitional UI & value first. Once the platform is ready for beta testing in S2, DeveloperDAO will be the first community to benefit from it💕

Goals in S1 budget proposal - achieved
In the S1 budget proposal, we’ve outlined quite a few goals, that seemed far-fetched and hazy. Crazy to think we’ve achieved them to a T and delivered even more! Bot deployed in D_D - :white_check_mark:, real testers - :white_check_mark:, real value & first people onboarded - :white_check_mark:, 30 contributors in the team and the majority of them from D_D-:white_check_mark:! Could not be more grateful for that! S2 is coming strong and Eden is stronger than ever. Let’s do it together​:heart_on_fire:

Thank you Milo.io for making this incredible analysis

cc @kempsterrrr @Colin4ward

gm🌱 folks.
Incredible work as always, @BluePanda , @Milo.io and the team.
Looks like @kempsterrrr hasn’t assigned me the budget steward role yet.

Anyway I have couple of questions,
The original budget was created around having 19 contributor to Eden Protocol during season 1.
But as from the recent update, there’s 30 contributor.
Is there any changes on the budget regarding this?

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I’m stepping in for Collin here but to be blunt am not seeing the purpose for continued support.

It seems you’ve achieved your goals with the existing budget and don’t require additional due to outside funding.

Re: some discussion on the discord.

This project is almost impossible to review due to the drastic changes in almost every way since the project was introduced. Additionally, there is little ongoing visibility towards the day-to-day activities of Eden. I’ve denied this project’s budget proposal until the KPIs listed above are shown to be being met. Additionally there doesn’t seem to be clear value prop to the DAO for the ongoing support of this project.

I would personally appreciate it not being exceptionally long as I’ve already had to read over 100 forum updates to do this review.

Here is the overarching structure we have been using:

Paragraph worth of what happened the last month encompassing the below

Milestone Summary
For each milestone, give a brief outline of progress/blockers/funding revisions/etc… Basically, this is your opportunity to highlight what’s going on with your initiative

Allocation Revisions (Optional)
Section to request for more (or ask for reduction) in $CODE provided with an explanation/reasoning for it

Below are the metrics I will be judging on.

Note: a deny at this stage means that it will be brought to a vote amongst the stewards. This doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a budget.

Hello Ntindle, first of all I took the time to reflect on your message and see the world from your perspective:

  • I understand that because of the phase that Eden :seedling: is in. It is difficult to receive visibility of our progress because we haven’t launched the platform yet
  • Also, I understand that we changed our goals & KPIs a lot. The reason is obvious - we are constantly learning through user research with D_D members what is the best way to serve the DAO

On this note, to mitigate this problem, I want to note that I met with over 140 members of D_D personally and I never turned down the opportunity to meet with anyone in Developer DAO in order to show Eden :seedling:(Also, to be fair, I personally invited Ntindle on 20/10/2022 to meet with me on a call and show him all the progress and how Eden :seedling: can help mentorship but Ntindle didn’t have time for a life meeting, which is, of course, fair)

Before I go deep into milestones, I want to focus only on the specific sentence that ntindle wrote:

Everything Eden :seedling: does is done by D_D members for DeveloperDAO. D_D was the sole reason Eden :seedling: was built - when I joined it back in the day with Impactbilli.eth and later Milo.io the lack of coordination was screaming in our face - hence, opportunity protocol for talent coordination.

——— It doesn’t make sense for me to analyze our value prop, so I would love for members of D_D to take some time off your schedule and analyze here what is the value of Eden :seedling: to Developer DAO based on your personal experience with Eden :seedling:

Some of the members of Developer DAO that can talk about Eden :seedling: are:

  • @luan myz1237.eth WiseTy if possible, please explain how Eden :seedling: helped so far the onboarding process, how many hours each of us spent building the platform and what we will do in the future to 10x the value of onboarding using eden platform
  • @kempsterrrr @ Meowy please explain the value that eden prepares to provide to project creators in Developer DAO and how many hours we are spending with users trying to create the best experience with them
  • @Colin4ward @wolovim please explain how much work we put into helping Developer DAO to create incredible Hackathons for the members of D_D. And how thought out is the process of creating hackathons with eden
  • @muvaofmarketing @daeshawn.eth please explain about the micro-grants and how we are trying to help financially members of Developer DAO
  • @Piablo @7i7o please go deeper on our conversation and product that we show you → the value Eden :seedling: can & will provide for the mentorship program. We can help Developer DAO scale up mentorship by creating more value for mentors and mentees
  • @chuck25 and @Wikist we’ve been working with you on grants and outreach for Eden :seedling: and you know that we’re still very much struggling despite how much work we put into the outreach and of course taking few smaller grants
  • @ everyone else on our team of 30 members, who’ve been volunteering their time, contributing to Eden :seedling: hundreds of hours and haven’t received a SINGLE REAL DOLLAR yet… I love you guys so much, we’re making history :heart:

Thank you everyone for your support in Eden :seedling: I am truly grateful for building with all of you guys in Developer DAO and this is an amazing opportunity for us to show all the progress that we did and how we intend to 10x the value that we give to Developer DAO throw our daily actions


I’m happy to provide feedback if the presiding Budget Steward(s) requests this of me, but I am cognisant of the intersecting areas of interest, here:

• I lead Onboarding in the DAO

• I consult for Eden Protocol (outside of my Developer DAO duties)

• And I am also a Budget Steward

Both @myz1237.eth (Alex1237#2487) and @allWiseee (wiseTy#8689) have similar intersecting areas of interest:

• Since they both work in Onboarding for Developer DAO

• They are on the Eden Protocol team

• And they are both Budget Stewards themselves


To avoid any conflicts of interests here, I think the onus should be on Eden’s Project Lead @BluePanda to give an account of these things. And if the Budget Steward(s) who are reviewing, are not satisfied with the information provided — then that is the point they should call on others to corroborate the information that has been shared.

This is the first iteration of the budget review process and there’s clearly a number of areas we can work on to improve. But in the interest of time and ethics, I think it’s best that myself, @myz1237.eth (Alex1237#2487) and @allWiseee (wiseTy#8689) abstain from sharing information until we’ve been called upon by the presiding Budget Steward(s). Otherwise, it makes an already convoluted process more complicated, and calls into question, the ethics around how we’ve handled this process (even in its initial iteration). I think precedence matters.

If the presiding Budget Steward(s) are not satisfied with the information @BluePanda has provided, then before denying the remaining instalments of Eden Protocol’s S1 budget — due process requires that the Budget Steward(s) call upon others to corroborate the information provided, and to help to better contextualize data. That is how this process should go. I personally will not feel comfortable, otherwise.

Just a few comments. My understanding is that the current reviewing criteria is:

“Stewards decided it would be prudent to ask for a simple update from all guilds/projects that requested a budget. This should help get some transparanecy and visibility around budgets so we can all learn how effect the process is and support teams if needed to help allocate their $CODE well.”

Stated here: Discord

If we are moving to these criteria:

This project is almost impossible to review due to the drastic changes in almost every way since the project was introduced. Additionally, there is little ongoing visibility towards the day-to-day activities of Eden. I’ve denied this project’s budget proposal until the KPIs listed above are shown to be being met. Additionally there doesn’t seem to be clear value prop to the DAO for the ongoing support of this project.

…it should apply to all the projects and guilds. By this criteria, most guilds/projects would lose their funding, for example.

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I would like to clarify that a deny at this stage just denies it from auto approval. The wording here should be improved in future iterations.

It moves it to a discussion amongst the stewards. Given @Colin4ward ’s concerns in discord, and my own, I feel that a group discussion amongst stewards is the best path forward.

This isn’t anything personal against Eden, or the people within. Just think the scope changes are wide enough to justify the discussion.