[DRAFT] Rewarding Contribution in $CODE (Alternative)


Create a decentralized Rewards System for $CODE for all contributors of Developer DAO with the goal of creating synergy between Guilds and Projects, and fostering the following characteristics:
–Open and transparent
–Should encourage consistent contributions
–Should allow flexibility to the contributors
–Should enable ownership
–Should be sustainable

A Tokenomics Team should be assembled to maintain and improve the Rewards System.
The initial proposal is that Guild Leaders and Ops Team can assume this function, and work to create an independent group before the end of Season 1. The goal should be ensuring the core characteristics are maintained, and the following actions are considered:

  1. It will design rewards of $CODE with inclusive collaboration as a core value: This means testing rewards for accessibility, diversity, teamwork, and mutual generosity.
  2. It will review rewards regularly: In Season 1 this should be done monthly. Later a seasonal review probably would be enough.
  3. It will keep it simple: Making reward recommendations easily understandable by contributors helps them focus on what the DAO needs. Complex rewards lead to “hacks”.
  4. It will calibrate rewards to reasonable levels.

–Community Operations: Participation in leadership roles in Guilds and Projects and any other official DAO role.
–Project Tasks Completed.
–Bounties (to be designed and updated by Tokenomics Team)

–Assistance to Town Halls, and conferences (POAPs)
–Voting (POAPs)

–Assistance to regular meetings
–Proposal Creation and/or Development

–Fixed: Monthly rewards of $CODE allocated to contributors according to a predefined amount by Tokenomics Team. Generally used to reward non-quantifiable and/or permanent contributions done by DAO officials.
–Project allocation: Defined by the Flow of Rewards (below)
–Project Profits: Earnings in completed projects with a profit will be split 50/50 with the DAO and the team.
–Unique Rewards: Rewards allocated by participation in Bounties, Hackathons, contests and similar events.
–Other Rewards: Tokenomics Team is encouraged to create and support other types of rewards.


  1. The Tokenomics Team will have the responsibility to define a total budget of $CODE to spend for the complete Season. This should take into account:
    –Obligations acquired by Ops Team, Tokenomics Team, and approved DDIPs.
    –Fixed allocations of previously approved DDIPs.
    –Guild Operations

  2. The allocation of $CODE for Guild Operations will be split evenly between all Guilds, and sent to each Guild Treasure.
    (ALTERNATIVE: Allocation for Guild Operations will be based on the number of projects each Guild has under its umbrella)

  3. Each Guild would need at least 3 members in charge of the Treasure to be able to receive $CODE.

  4. Each Guild would be able to decide on its own how to allocate $CODE to each project, based on the opinions and vote of its members.

  5. Each Project would decide how to allocate $CODE to its members based on tasks completed.

For Projects to be able to be considered in the allocations of $CODE by the Guild, they need the following:
–Should have a defined Champion(s) and defined allegiance to one Guild
–Should have a defined roadmap and deliverables approved by the Guild.
–Should have regular meetings
–Should have 3 defined KPIs at the beginning of the Season, approved by leaders of the Guild.
–Should be on compliance in at least one KPI


Should we introudce Coordinape into guild reward contribution? Let them to decide through vote.

coordinape is useful with a small range of people but may be not in all members of our DAO. Members in a project or their guild can list contributions in Coordinape. Because they are familar with each other, it’s easy to recognize contributions.

how about those moderators? They can enter some guilds and do projects to get rewards. But those without guilds cannot get incentives.

Yeah. Coordinape should be the current base of our rewards system. I didn’t specify it here because perhaps we can change later to other platform, but I do envision us using it for at least Season 1.

Agreed. Moderators are not defined. One way I can see it going is Community Guild to take them under its umbrella. What would you recommend?

Agreed. I like what kemp said: " 1. I don’t believe we should have a typical moderation team as you’d find in a normal discord server/ I believe discord roles and permissions to match the DAO Org Structure and we should adopt a moderaion process similar to FWB as outlined in code-of-conduct-and-violation-process".

Have not seen too much discussion about this alternatie schema, do we have a chance to vote these two reward plans?

Yes, there is ongoing discussion on both.