[DRAFT] Formalize External Proposals Delegate Process

Authors: @josevelez.eth, @rahobbs88


D_D is being entrusted to participate in external DAO proposals, whereby it will represent the interests of members belonging to those external DAOs. If D_D positions itself to be nominated as a delegate in external DAOs, it is our responsibility to be present and participate.

External DAO proposals surface often and sometimes with limited time to participate. As such, a process should be formalized that facilitates the formation and maintenance of delegate committees that can be entrusted to make an election on behalf of the D_D community in a timely manner.

Scope of Work

Below we make the following proposals to formalize an external proposals delegation process. Some of the below has already been implemented in practice.

External Proposal Delegate Committee

Membership and Composition

  • The committee will begin with 5 delegates and build up over time to a maximum of 11. The initial 5 delegates will be selected through a process to be determined by the DD community in a later proposal, via snapshot or forum vote.
  • At any time thereafter, the addition of new delegates will follow the same process determined above.
  • Committee members can leave the Delegate Committee at any time, for any reason. This vacated position does not need to be immediately filled unless it drops membership to below 5 members.
  • All committee members must also be members of Developer DAO.

Community Visibility

The committee formation, deliberation and decision process needs to be fully transparent. This means that from the very beginning, we need to ensure that our members can follow along or catchup easily to past or active proposals.

We propose a process that begins with a dedicated Discord channel for External DAO Proposals. It can sit under the Governance Guild but it needs to be open to all members without needing to join the guild.

Within this channel, any delegate can create a new thread to begin discussion about an external proposal that D_D is a delegate to. In this thread the following should be included and pinned to the top of the thread:

  • A link to the external vote (i.e., Snapshot) and discussion (i.e., Forum)
  • The Snapshot Start and End dates
  • A discord poll to allow voting among the D_D community.
  • A deadline for closing the discussion and moving to effect our vote on Snapshot.

This would help consolidate discussions in an easy to find and consumable manner.

The Delegate Committee would propagate the proposal throughout the community using all available tools including the announcement channel and DAO newsletter (if time permits). They would also post a poll to gauge sentiment toward the proposal within the DAO.

Once a discord poll has been created and the deadline for participation has passed, a screenshot of the poll result should be saved to the proposal thread.

Once the Snapshot vote has been completed, the thread can be archived, but always available for future review and transparency.

Process Overview

Role of the Delegate Committee

The role of the Delegate Committee is to:

  • Communicate all proposals from an external DAO to the Developer DAO community in a clear and timely manner that is sufficient to allow for community discussion before the vote is executed by the committee.
  • Gauge community sentiment surrounding the proposal via discussion and polling.
  • Answer questions from the community regarding the external proposals to the best of their ability.
  • Execute a vote on the external DAO proposal that is consistent with community sentiment as well as Developer DAO’s values. If there is a conflict between community sentiment and Developer DAO’s values, then they must vote consistent with the DAO’s values.
  • This must all be done in a way that is transparent to the Developer DAO community.

Guidelines & Expectations

  • Committee members (and potential candidates) should disclose the nature of any relationships they have with any external DAO that D_D is a delegate to, so as to avoid any potential conflict of interest, and, once elected, update the Committee if there are any changes in those relationships.

  • Committee members will always vote in a way that is consistent with the mission, values, and goals.

  • Committee members must show consistent participation in discussions and voting on external proposals. They must also demonstrate active participation in discussions regarding new committee members.

    Failure to abide by these guidelines and expectations can result in the committee initiating a vote to dismiss the committee member. This vote can be passed by a simple majority of the Delegate Committee membership.

Procedure, Consensus, and Vote Execution

Again, the role of the Delegate Committee ultimately is to gauge Developer DAO Community sentiment around an external proposal, and then come to a final decision consistent with that sentiment and with Developer DAOs mission, values, and goals.

The procedure for this is proposed as follows:

  1. Committee members will monitor external DAOs for new proposals. When a new proposal has been created, the committee will share this proposal with the community via the announcements channel, a DAO poll, and open a discussion thread under the #external-proposals thread. All of these avenues must be public for the entire DAO to access.

    Note: Any DAO member can open a thread for discussion on any external proposal and alert the community. However, it is the Committee’s obligation to do so if this has not been done prior.

  2. Once sufficient time for discussion and polling has passed, the Delegate Committee will come to a decision based on community sentiment and DAO values. They will then communicate this vote to core members who have the authority to enact the vote with the external DAO. Sufficient time must also be given to core members to effect a vote within the snapshot voting period.

List of External DAO’s that D_D is currently a delegate to

We need an easy way to know what external proposals are coming up that D_D is established as a delegate to so that we can act on them. To monitor for new proposals, we must know what external DAOs D_D is a delegate to. We propose that this information be maintained prominently in our Notion, the Discord and possibly even the website.

Discord role for delegates

Elected delegates need proper discord roles and privileges to create polls, manage proposal threads and moderate discussions. We propose that the appropriate Discord roles and permissions are setup for elected delegates.


I support this proposal!

This is a great example of how Developer DAO can be a service to its members. Developer DAO will want to participate in more external protocol and DAO governance procedures. A number of members have worked to get the proposal to this point including @josevelez.eth, @rahobbs88 , @gracelily888 , @MrStevenStiffler , and others I am sure I am forgetting!


I too support this proposal and would like to thank those involved :grinning:


love this proposal, loved seeing the team in action take ownership of our responsibility as a large delegate for ENS completely off their own back and think it is totally right to implement a formal solution for this.

once we have ratified our [DRAFT] Rewarding Contributions in $CODE i’d also LOVE to see this team rewarded for their efforts in more Governance weight via $CODE allocations.

this is exactly how things should be. bravo

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I support this proposal :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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This is a great start for a very important role the DAO plays, and will continue to play as we grow. I hope this process will help foster meaningful and organic discussions around external proposals.

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Seconded. You can see people doing some significant legwork to stay on top of these as they go out in the external-proposals channel and doing the work to really consider what is being asked and dig past just the “yes or no” aspect of voting.