[DRAFT] "Developer DAO Joins Farcaster" NFT Frame

“Developer DAO Joins Farcaster” NFT Mint Frame

Authors: JB Rubinovitz @rubinovitz
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We should launch a free for members NFT mint in a frame to incentivize Developer DAO members joining our Farcaster community.


  1. It is important for Developer DAO to be on Farcaster. There is a significant chance Farcaster becomes the Discord of the next cycle so we should diversify where our membership is and not risk being left behind. There is already significant builder activity on Farcaster. See bountycaster for some examples of how developers are participating.
  2. It is important for developers to be on Farcaster. For the same reasons as #1, it is in our individual member’s best interest to be at the forefront of crypto and builder culture.
  3. We can show support for DD members who come build out our DD community on Farcaster with a NFT. This is similar to how Farcaster rewarded users who were active during the bear with the Farcaster OG NFT. I can also see us streaming $CODE on FC, but first we need DD members on FC.
  4. We should mint the NFT through a Frame since they may be an important crypto paradigm Both to get DD members familiar with frames, hit as many DDers on Farcaster as possible, and potentially be a part of crypto history, we should specifically do a mint via a frame.
  5. Once we have members on FC, we can start hosting hackathons, AMAs, etc.

Mission, values and goals alignment

  1. There are a lot of opportunities for DD members to build with friends and learn on FC. There are bounties, great crypto leaders, and it is easier than ever to build in crypto with crypto frames.
  2. Members should be rewarded for building out our DD FC community.
  3. DD should build a FC presence to de-risk obsolesce in the next crypto cycle.

Also happy to work on building out our FC presence after this, but figure we could do that in a separate proposal provided this goes well.

Brand usage

This will use the Developer DAO brand in it’s name and (probably) graphic.

Scope of work

Please break down in detail how this project/guild will function and the steps for delivering value for the DAO. Be as specific as possible so members are able to help critique but also help refine your ideas.

  1. NFT - Will try to use a standard contract from Thirdweb so we don’t need auditing. Working on having Base or Pimlico to sponsor gas.
  2. Frame - Working on using our Wallet sponsor Zerion for querying NFTs and $CODE so only DD members can mint the NFT.
  3. Marketing launch - @kempsterrrr ? If not Kemp can you please point me to who could.

Financial implications

JB/Tenfold : would love to get paid something for this. Can get paid and hold $CODE for a year as I’m seeing in other proposals.
NFT Designer: would love to pay them something in $CODE as well


JB Rubinovitz @rubinovitz DD steward, founder @ tenfold.xyz, early (fid 2112 and OG NFT holder) at Farcaster
I can code the NFT, the frame, and get sponsorship for gas.

??? (you?): would love someone from our community to participate in designing the NFT

@kempsterrrr : has been advising. Will help with marketing?

Success Metrics & KPIs

  • At least 1000 mints and follows of the DeveloperDAO channel from existing DD members.

Next Steps

  • We need someone to design the NFT. I can also do this with Midjourney, but would love to make this more of a DD effort.
  • Waiting to hear back re gas sponsorship.
  • I have started work on the frame and NFT contract.

Update: just heard back from Base and we should be able to use their gas sponsorship through Pimlico or Syndicate.


Happy to support this initiative. Plenty of colleagues from the DAO are joining Farcaster.

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Love the idea.

Curious if we can make any useful frames as time goes on. Something I’ve been wanting to see is streaming payments to a frame to pay for compute of GPU usage for image gen and other LLM Stuff


love this idea @rubinovitz

tagging designers @Erik_Knobl @xyz to see if they’re interested in supporting on the NFT mint.

happy to help with marketing, tagging @Billyjitsu and @Kay in this area as well. Is it worth us adding CODE incentives for people who claim this NFT as a hook / reward to get them over to farcaster?

other than design and marketing is there anything else you need help with?

Just let me know how much code you want to give out and I’ll code it up!