Developer DAO Financial Dashboard: Seeking Feedback & Collaboration

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to share the initial version of the Developer DAO Financial Dashboard I’ve developed utilizing Flipside. This provides an overview of the DAO’s financial health, featuring insights into treasury asset allocation, the income statement, and the dynamics of CODE token and D4R NFT markets. Here is the link:

This dashboard is a starting point and I’m steadily making improvements. Some more detail regarding revenues and expenses, as well as tracking the assets on polygon, will be implemented within the coming days/weeks. I’m looking for feedback and suggestions on what I’ve completed so far, and to know which additional metrics would be valuable.

I’m also interested in further analyzing the DAO’s financials using Flipside’s API and Python for Treasury management simulations, forecasting, and other modeling not available through Flipside. I understand this dashboard and analysis may align with the objectives of the recently proposed D_D Labs Sub-DAO, and I’m open to collaborating with the community!

Please share your thoughts, I am looking forward to your insights and feedback.


Epic! I’d love to see this from way more DAOs actually.