Developer DAO: Badge Migration (How-To Guide)

Developer DAO: Badge Migration (How-To Guide)

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Recontextualizing DAOs: The Case for Developer DAO

Badge Announcement: DD Community Twitter

Developer DAO - Badge: How-To Guide (Google doc)

Disclaimer: You are only eligible to mint this badge, if you were a member of Developer DAO when a snapshot was taken on 31st January 2023.

Step 1

Navigate to the mint link below, to mint your new badge on Optimism:


Gasless Mint: The Otterspace team kindly airdropped $ETH on $OP to your wallet address twice last week.

Step 2

Come back into the server ⇨ navigate into the #verify channel ⇨ and click on the ‘Join Developer DAO’ button to trigger the Guild bot to auto-assign you your new @OG role.

The #verify channel is located at the very top of the server, under the WELCOME category.

Step 3

Discord’s API has been experiencing some rate limiting issues, this past weekend – so if the Guild bot fails to assign you your new @OG role within 10 seconds, then please do the following:

Navigate to our Guild (See: Link) ⇨ Connect your wallet ⇨ And re-enter the server

Why Badges?

Various Server Architecture efforts are being driven by our Community Team, and one of them is the adoption of a new badge system that will allow us to layer on top of our existing NFT and token requirements. Beyond having a more tailored permission setup, on-chain badges allow us to explore DAO membership in some really interesting ways. Consider what a dynamic badge (NFT) might look like, and how it can be used as a visual representation of member participation and engagement.

In the near-term, the rollout of badges will enable us to distinguish between newcomers and existing DAO members. This has been impossible until now. And in turn, this will be paired with a new onboarding structure. We’re also bringing some much needed changes to our Discord server, to make it far easier to navigate, and a lot more pleasurable.

Please note: As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, this badge can only be claimed by DAO members who joined before 1st February 2023.

Notice :warning:

While this badge is valid forever, and you can technically mint it anytime you want — the existing @d_d role will be removed from Developer DAO’s Discord server by EOD on 28th February. If you do not have the new role by then, you will lose access to the channels, and will need to mint your new badge in order to see them again.


If you run into any issues with minting or being assigned your new @OG role, please open a thread in the #badge-support channel (under the SUPPORT category) - or you can submit the following Google form: