Coordination/Stewards Call - 2023-02-02

Coordination Call - 2023-02-03

Facilitator: @Wikist
Link to audio/video:
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  1. Shout Outs and Kudos
  2. Governance Proposal Discussion
  3. Stewards Submitted Agenda Items
    a) Status of D_D Labs Proposal - Link
  4. Action Items

Shout outs and Kudos :people_hugging:

@Wikist for facilitating the meeting
@luan for huge efforts in migrating the server structure
@wolovim for being everywhere trying their best to help move things forward
@kayprasla @Kay @Colin4ward etc. in delivery for pushing on with partnership work

Governance Proposal Discussion

[DRAFT] - DAO Governance Structure Upgrade

Posted: Jan 13th
Status: Can be elevated by allowlist member
Next Steps:

[DRAFT] D_D Operative System

Posted: Jan 13th
Status: Can be elevated by allowlist member if happy (not @Erik_Knobl as author)
Next Steps:

  • @Erik_Knobl, please clarify. I didn’t write down these notes sorry

[DRAFT] 2023 Roadmap

Posted: Jan 20th
Status: Needs further discussion

Stewards Submitted Agenda Items

Status of D_D Labs

Context before discussion:

@kempsterrrr Good faith effort to align core contributors and not far of consensus, which is awesome. It helped surface a lot of needed discussion as well

@wolovim are we ready for labs? Can we solve this another way?

Open discussion


  • PLs look good, just need to update JD and clarifies rules for becoming a PL
  • FC, Kirnza doing a good job. noting to comment atm
  • Community - great work on the server migration. feel we’re over-indexed on infra/tech vs people/social events. Also concerned about the scope creep of this role (i.e. resumé & job plans that conflict, owning an event program in S2) need clarification on this, and if overlaps can’t be worked out, it should go to Governance,
  • Jobs - as above regarding overlap, needs to be addressed. Other main questions for me:
    • Is being able to accept stripe payments required to hit the goals here? If yes, what would you revise these to if no entity, do you have a suggested path to solve that if Labs isn’t opened in time
    • Lets get clear on marketing use for jobs on main account vs jobs accounts.
  • Fulfilment deliverables - is it worth re-considering some of the fixed costs, namely workshops, that are partner dependant


  • Lot to unpack here, which there isn’t time for on this call
  • Dev-N-Tell is committed at the moment, and feelings are it aligns with the workshops reward structure


  • Sub-DAOs: we tried a lot of structures that haven’t worked so need to try something new.
  • Two core people around each thing rather than one, reduce bandwidth and increase anti-fragility
  • General path through the DAO (missed this last bit ask @Stefanie )
  • Server Architecture should be taken out of community and moved to operations, allow community to focus on community work


  • D_D Women - S2 focus is re-branding, focused on vibes and improving diversity in the DAO, been quite but working on a lot in the background
  • Started D_D Fridays, join us!!!
  • Not very engaged in the Labs proposal, good that changes are coming and we’re doing the necessary uncomfortable things to improve and move forward, thinking more about community


  • in order for this proposal to move forward, two things need a lot more definition:
    • Community - need emphasis on events/socials, originally server architecture should be it’s own thing or an ops thing. When I think of community teams thinking only of Luan, would be good for others to own pieces of this.
      • Break that into more buckets
        • Social elements
        • Code of Conduct
        • Events Protocols for IRL events
        • etc.
    • Agency - need to address this relationship and value exchange


  • Agency started with a hypothesis for creating rails to provide professional services to other groups
  • Learnt as we went, group of people shipping projects, are trusted, this is very good
  • Discussing the value in agency vs returned to the DAO, how the Sub-DAO concept will fit between agency/the DAO, how this can be brought back into OKRs to be tangible
  • Consolidating around building their own products, funded with grants.
  • Value to the DAO is team that deliver value to the DAO
  • Can the Agency pick up things that generate money (i.e. Merch Store)


  • Main thing is keeping the fly wheel spinning in the DAO, need to get our engagement back up where it was, uphill battle given things going on at a Macro level
  • Worst thing is getting stuck in cycles of debating what should be and blocking folks who are creating the value for folks Membership
  • Need to give value to partners to be sustainable, this make this possible we need to focus on Member Experience around these things
  • There are people who have demonstrated the ability to provide this value, we need to focus on supporting them

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  • Experience has been disorientating since joining
  • Worry is a lot of people feel the same, and unsure what we can do make this transition less painful
  • Change was very abrupt but appreciate folks communicating these changes


  • Two bigger problems
    • We need to be self-sufficient so we can support peoplpe in the DAO
    • Need to foster more engagement
    • Didn’t get to realise as much value as would have liked in S1 from fundraising for projects


  • From a job perspective, the focus is giving value to everyone.
  • General chat yesterday where concerns were voiced and changes were made.
  • Concerns things are pro-profit, heard but for the member experience to be maintained folks need to be paid.
  • Going above and beyond in the less commercial areas (supporting folks with CVs, long conversations with hiring managers, Twitter Spaces)
  • There is lot of residual value that needs to be created for folks actually to get value from the job board
  • Community is very quiet, rebuilding this is key and been trying to do this a lot.

Action Items

  1. Prioritise getting partnerships to work rewards ratified as a separate proposal
  2. Open up a dedicated discord channel to discuss community exp and non-revenue generating roles
  3. Open dedicated space to discuss funding/value exchange with Agency
  4. Elevate [DRAFT] - DAO Governance Structure Upgrade when supporting info ready

Quick Temp check

Trailing posting these meeting notes to the forum to help improve transparency given their impact on the DAO and its Members. Very interested to get a sense of if folks think this is an improvement on only sharing these notes in Notion.

  • Improvement
  • Worse
  • Indifferent

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It is an improvement, but it is doing an extra work. I would just focus on one medium and stick to it. So we can use either Notion or Discourse, but don;t know if we need both at the same time.

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full agree regarding settling on one place for these notes, my feeling is the forum is far better for transparency and any follow up comments as folks can be tagged and respond async here, versus conversation that will be lost in discord channels as they so often after.

Taking inspiration from Gitcoin and other DAOs, I think we’d do better so share the recordings of such meetings in a more easily digestible space like YouTube.

Thoughts @stewards ?

My only hesitation is the scribe summaries of individual’s remarks. Nuance lost in translation and some summaries are better than others, based on my recollection. Does gitcoin/others also do this?

With you on that being a problem, I’d hope getting more things to the forum would give folks visibility and allow them to transparently correct the record. What do you think?

Hopefully, a more easily accessible recording on YouTube might help with that too.

ENS post their agenda’s to the forum and follow up with notes - example here.

Gitcoin don’t seem to.