Coordination Experiment: Vision for the future of our community

Posting to the forum can be pretty intimidating, there’s this feeling you ‘must get it right’ and there’s a permanence. Trying to break through that, I’m composing this with the help of our community on our Vibes call today. (1pm et weekdays, join us!)
It is my hope that we can have a norm of vibrant community discussion and sharing here, so I’m trying to do that myself here now. Please chime in!

I have this vision for the future of humanity and D_D that I repeat many times a day, but I wanted to get it down into something a little more durable. I sent this tweet today that people have resonated with:

We are @developer_dao

We train Web3 builders
We build Public Goods
We train builders of Public Goods

Technology comes and goes, but the real treasure is the friends we make along the way.
Social-first, community-first, dreams-first.
Join us and let’s make your dreams happen!

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Every day I wake up excited to build and grow our community and create great opportunities for our members to build and grow a better world together.

Right now my time is all used to focus on ‘the boring stuff’, setting up our legal foundations to protect our members and community. I power through it every day because I hear constantly how much value we’re creating for our members today, and how much more I know we’ll be creating tomorrow.

The pillars of value are:

  1. Opportunities for individual members (education, friendship, mentorship, leadership, apprenticeship, jobs, etc.) (This also includes opportunities for IRL events like technology conferences and member meal meetups)
  2. Infrastructure for our ecosystems (large scale projects that will benefit Free as in Freedom communities, like DAO tooling, digital democracy tooling, and solutions for wider projects supporting individual freedom like QubesOS and Wikipedia)

Composing good writing is so time-consuming! The above took over an hour! I’m going to post it instead of ‘saving the draft for later’ and potentially never letting it see the light of day.

At some point this year, I want to see us publish a real positioning manifesto! Looking forward to getting there with everyone here together <3


This is great, Ryan. It’s clear there’s a lot of untapped potential in the dao in the form of members who are hesitant to speak up and get involved. Done is better than perfect, as the saying goes, and only the work you ship can compound. Thanks for all your efforts to encourage engagement.

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Thanks for this! I agree that as we grow it becomes more intimidating to post because we assume that everyone else knows more about what’s going on than we do. And we don’t want to post something that’s already been discussed or settled.

Many of us have PTSD from being yelled at on Stack Overflow for dupes, or even just witnessing other people get yelled at. If we can establish a norm of not shaming dupe content and linking to past stuff without judgement, that might help one factor of hesitation. Just trying to follow your lead by spitballing here.