Coordination Call - 2023-09-14 - Meeting Notes

Host: @kempsterrrr
Contributors attending: @wolovim @Gordo @Billyjitsu @Narb @pbillingsby.eth @Crypdough.eth (hmu if missed anyone)


  1. Intros
  2. Team Updates
  3. Contributor submitted agenda items

Sub-DAO Updates


  1. Dev - progress moving forward, final work for wallet integration on V1 being finalised and progress on V2 implementation still moving forward.
  2. Partnership - good progress on model definition, standardising terminology and creating the pitch deck happening in discord here.

@kempsterrrr - keen to begin marketing academy and if there’s any support needed on design, product or dev be good to know so we can see if we can support

@Billyjitsu - API3 potentially interested in being beta partner with content on Oracles and maybe linking this to the idea to create a buyback contract for CODE as a community project this month


  1. Proposal - more back & forth this week, think we’re aligned now just waiting for @mannyornothing to OK being added to the proposal as BD admin then ready to ship
  2. Model / Deck - moving along, adding as OKR to proposal, @mannyornothing assist Gordo here
  3. D_D Website - moving along, catching up with @kempsterrrr next week to review progress, aiming for end of the month

@kempsterrrr / @Billyjitsu / @Gordo - re feedback that people have applied to be part of agency but no heard back. Plan is to update language to be clear that whilst you can apply, things are very early and you may not hear back until we have work in so as not to waste member time.


  1. Phala Hackathon - Submissions now in, less than we’d hoped but some challenges along the way. Team were great with support, Josh in particular was an amazing partner given how long he spent with the community helping builders, making friends with everyone etc. some ideas for future collaboration here.
  2. Chainbase Hackathon - this is the next hack, mid Oct-Non. Planning already, looking exciting as given their platform should be lots people can build, particularly for those who are mostly front end focused.
  3. Preferred RPC - speaking with POKT about this partnership, very good vibes, lots of interesting ideas share on the call, waiting for a decision from their side atm
  4. Develoepr DAO Handbook - shipped the new DAO handbook, @kempsterrrr will open forum post for community feedback in the next 24-48 hours.
  5. Evolving Hackathon model - based on what we’re learning we’re looking at evolving the hackathon model, will open another forum post to share the ideas and gather feedback.
  6. Town Hall on Tuesday at 5pm UTC, discord discussion here.
  7. Eden - focus now on engaging community and partners, calls booked with @Billyjitsu @pbillingsby.eth to onboard and get feedback, Tom / @BluePanda to author a post for the forum, Tom & @drop_knowledge have targets of 3/7 sales conversations respectively by Wed.

What a lovely read!! Sorry couldn’t make it.

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