[Archived] [Draft v1] S1 Budget Proposal: Onboarding

[Archived] [Draft v1] S1 Budget Proposal: Onboarding

Author(s): luan (lu.an#9388)


This is the Onboarding Team’s budget application for Season 1. It outlines the high-level goals for the team, how we plan to get there, the team working to make this happen and the proposed budget we’re applying for.


It’s important that as the Community Guild progresses through the seasons, we remain true to our ethos – as it undergirds the role we play in this community. For this reason, the proposal I’m making here is that we allow ourselves the flexibility to tailor our motivations to specific seasons; whilst maintaining some overarching structure that is predicated on our Guild’s ethos.

Mission, Values & Goals Alignment

The Community Guild exists in service to the Developer DAO community, helping to facilitate its core mission. We are primarily tasked with morale. And it is our duty to ensure that the Developer DAO community is safe, welcoming, diverse, and empowering. This plays out in a number of ways which includes (but is not limited to) member flow and UX, Onboarding, server architecture, category and channel management, Support, Scholarships and Fellowships, Moderation, Quests etc.

How members feel when they come into this community and navigate it, is in large part, down to us on the Community Guild. Whilst we are not in control of everything, the things which do fall under our purview; we must serve those things to the best of our abilities.

The above outline will largely remain consistent as we go through the seasons. But the things which we collectively decide to focus on, will be season-specific. We want to lean into the possibilities afforded to us, when we’re flexible; whilst being able to rely on some form of structure as our guardrail.

Brand usage

The Developer DAO branding will be used on our https://guild.xyz landing page.

Scope of work

The overarching goal for Season 1 is to transition over to the new onboarding structure, and develop a regular cadence around that. Long term, the aim is for Onboarding to become its own distinct (and comprehensive) initiative within the DAO. As stipulated in the initial Onboarding Proposal I put together, the premise is rooted in member flow and UX - as onboarding is the most important initial stage in an organization, for a new member.

For the sake of clarity, it’s important to define ‘onboarded’ and ‘minimum viable contribution’ (MVC) for Season 1. What constitutes ‘onboarded’ is split into two stages:

  1. Passing through the new Onboarding process
  2. Making 1 minimal viable contribution

The Minimum Viable Contribution for Season 1 would essentially serve as a v1.0 of the future Guild onboarding.

As a quick reminder, the high-level thought process for Onboarding is to be:

DAO → Guild → Project/Initiative

We don’t yet have a structure in place for Guild Onboarding, at this early juncture. But the intention is to formulate a framework that Guilds can then build upon and apply, as they see fit. This helps us to foster some cohesiveness in Onboarding across D_D, without it being homogenous.

Minimum Viable Contributions will exist in future versions of Guild Onboarding (when it becomes more structured), but for right now: all that is required of a new member, is to complete a task that contributes to the Guild (or DAO) in some way. Low-lift, but impactful. One super early example of this that is currently being workshopped, is the Scribe’s Project within the Writers Guild.

Thus in light of the above, the scope of work for Season 1 will be divided into 3 phases. I’m encouraging us to be pedantic about focusing on only a few core goals for Season 1 - in addition to starting small and scaling up gradually.

Phase 1 - Migration

  • Establishing a system that will operate under the new Onboarding structure
  • Setting up roles, categories, and channels which facilitate this structure (luan)
  • Transitioning over to the new Onboarding structure

Phase 2 - Fixed Onboarding Times

  • Establish a fixed time(s) during the week, to hold an onboarding session
  • Creating a discovery pathway for members who would like to contribute (i.e. host an onboarding session)
  • Generating analytics processes to record data around how many members take at least 1 task, how many take 2 or more, and which pathways they use for discovery

Phase 3 - MVC (Minimal Viable Contribution)

  • Cross-collaborating with key members in the DAO, to ascertain what would constitute a minimum viable contribution for their respective Guilds
  • Creating a v1.0 list of MVC’s during Season 1
  • Working with Guilds to establish a framework for Guild onboarding, heading into Season 2
  • Generating analytics processes to record data on the no. of people who make an MVC vs the no. of people who do not


The required budget is not yet finalized, but will be based on our regular-scheduled operations (onboarding calls + team syncs), as well as additional miscellaneous tasks which serve this effort: curating and creating content for the onboarding channels, R&D, QA testing, partner meetings @luan takes etc.


  • @luan: core contributor, leading Onboarding efforts across Developer DAO

  • @allWiseee: core contributor, onboarding session host

  • @myz1237.eth: core contributor, onboarding session host, scribe

  • @Hmz: contributor, onboarding session host

  • @clavis: contributor, onboarding session host

  • @solderneer: contributor, onboarding session host

  • @syahiramali: contributor, onboarding session host

  • @Contributor_Role: open position for anybody not listed above, to claim a task on DeWork

Success Metrics & KPIs


Onboarding currently takes place in the main DAO server, across 1 text channel and 1 voice channel. By mid-way through Season 1, the Onboarding Team are to have successfully migrated to the new system of onboarding-specific channels which are not visible to those who have access to the main DAO server (excl. Core Team and Moderators).

Fixed Onboarding times

Currently, the times for the coming week’s onboarding calls are selected each Sunday. This system has worked for where we are, right now. However, by mid-way through Season 1 (week 8), we want to have at least 2 fixed sessions, of the proposed 5-6 weekly sessions.

This will allow us to open up onboarding sessions, and empower others to contribute. This rollout must coincide with the migration referenced above.


In order to open up the onboarding process for others to contribute to, there needs to be a structure in place to facilitate this. Therefore, we will rely on DeWork to administer tasks. Using a dedicated read-only channel within the Community Guild, members will be able to go in and see any live tasks (i.e. dates of availability). So the core KPIs are as follows:

  • Select a fixed time each week for 1 onboarding session (1 session minimum)

  • Establish a system under which this will function

  • Decide which member of the Onboarding Team will be responsible for setting those tasks in DeWork at regular intervals (until the end of Season 1)

  • Set up read-only channel, in order to pass in data from DeWork regarding live tasks

Next Steps

The immediate next steps are focusing on DeWork, and concluding QA tests around the onboarding-specific channels. We do not expect there to be any drastic changes at this juncture, but there may potentially be amendments before the end of Season 1, should we adopt Orca Protocol across the DAO.

I do, however, want to emphasize the importance of this team and our efforts to the DAO. Onboarding sets the trajectory for any new member joining an organization; and the most valuable part about Developer DAO is its members. A community’s strength is in proportion to how empowered its members are. I believe that this proposal is critical to ensuring the retention of the existing team, and ultimately building out a much more improved Onboarding structure across the DAO.


love the MVC, it makes it really clear what is the one think that we need to do

really like the team, I hope that I will also talk at some point 1t1 to @solderneer and @syahiramali!

really clear proposal, thank you for your time and effort!