[ARCHIVED] Agency (DD_Experts) Q3 + (Q4)

Agency (DD_Experts) Sub-DAO

Authors: @Gordo , @Erik_Knobl , @luan, @kempsterrrr, + thanks others comments and talks in the subject


The SubDao model is now a reality. The transition has been already done and with it the community activity and surrounding model of Agency has been in decline. During Season 2 community maintenance was left aside via focusing efforts on the potential legal wrapper of Agency, admin team consolidation and full reorg as a SubDAO.

It is necessary to retake the community aspect in order to reactivate the resilient side of Agency which is based on people’s activity and willingness to develop high end and interesting ventures and services.

This proposal seeks to on one side continue works regarding making a reality the business model of Agency and making it work as it should be a capital independent organisation and on the other reactivate the cadence and community based side of Agency which requires constant push and leadership regarding project seeking and people direction and documentation.

In order to do so and by the brotherhood with D_D and the future value that will be returned into the DAO, keeping alignment with the specific Q3 D_D Labs Budget.

We seek to develop tight alignment within the Fellowship program and Ventures program, Venture building and High quality Service provider solutions Agency is targeting with. Dispelling and targeting our business model till making it work around those three areas.

Change our name to avoid confusion in the type of work the structure is focused on. (WIP) Agency creates too much confusion.


Consolidation of Agency is a need, it requires constant leadership, maintainability & support in order to pursue its goals. A clear business model that generates the correct economic and social incentives to participate into the Agency model within the D_D value umbrella.

Even though its a subDAO it always was intended to work hand by hand with the higher level D_D structure. Those bridges should be clarified, consolidated and worked out in order to secure the future of Agency as “the builder space” inside the DAO.

The goal of Agency is to ful-fill one of the main areas of the Mission of Developer DAO: To Foster and Build Web3 Tools and Public Goods. We intend to be the space where curated members of the DAO can join to build, in a professional first environment, and create business and ventures.

Scope of Work

Domain of Operations & Team

Stabilise works towards the consolidation of Agency business model sustainability in order to be able to hold new members and create incentive based work inside the hood of Agency besides venture based projects.

Reduce management efforts to the minimum and most efficient possible in order to focus our time into building and providing real value.

Reactivation of a rich building/er environment by example. In order to activate an ecosystem like that it is important to focus sight on the incentives of the people which integrate the community.

Constant push venture projects towards an effective business model that drives value to Agency and D_D, even as open source projects their sustainability should be a requirement and working towards economic incentives for the ventures inside the hood should be an opt in.

Simplify the working model, if it is not being used, is out.

The model looks for sustainability through generating value by doing and automating management as much as possible.

Leadership > Building > Management


Consolidate and reactivate works to continue model pursuing.

Contact and partnership with D_D:

  • Align with DD Labs proposal and partnerships model in order to fund the transition. Promote and specific enough rewarded leader to stabilise contact with the DAO and push the relationships and high level internal ←→ external activities. @Gordo
    • Work side by side with Partnerships & Ventures in order to include them into Agency business model.
    • Polish, consolidate, and build the funnel for new members and actual members’ incentives.
    • Work towards Agency business model sustainability.
    • Drive returned value to D_D based on previously exposed relationship and tracking direct provided value from D_D

Model continuation:

Simplicity first, out everything that is not necessary.

  • Remove new discord, create more problems than solutions and segment the community. As simple as possible.

Focus on people, community, and members.

  • Reactivate people’s conversations and interest all the way.

Back to D_D as the source of activity

  • Centralise activity on one discord and simplify as much as possible the flow in every term.
  • Focus on building, automate the rest.
  • Work side by side with the D_D builder community in order to create the paths, flows and incentives to be part of Agency (experts) as the builders goal.


Admins work to define the high level direction and strategy of Agency, and its medium-term roadmap. They are tasked with optimising the overall performance and managing the multisig. The current signers are @Gordo, @Erik, @luan

  • Admin leader, Gordo, will lead the relationship with D_D and high level org direction and internal while maintaining the overall idea and trust on the organisation.
    • Onboarding and curating members
    • Setting the pace and overall direction of the model
    • Weeklies and Open weeklies lead
    • Lead partnership with D_D and comms with Ventures and Fellowship
  • Admin operations, Luan (pending confirmation), lead the pace for internal/external communication standards and discord management.
    • Communications templating and ruling
    • RRSS lead
    • Team Leaders operations POC
  • Admin board/Signer Erik will stay as a founder and savvy proposal/documents/entities reviewer and signer.
    • Founder, signer

Internal Organisation:

Agency stars are leaders, they move the wheel ahead on each internal project. The leader role is the base layer to push each project forward and decide its direction and future. It is a flexible independent role that on each project takes the imagery and responsibility decided by itself. Their duties are to expose to the rest of Agency members the potential tasks and responsibilities of the project and/or lead communications with internal / external agents that depend on that specific project.

  • Team Leaders take responsibility for individual projects, and ensure the team delivers, overseeing internal organisation, rewards, and recruitment. They are tasked with managing the overall performance of the team and ask for and distribute assigned $CODE by the works performed.
  • Contributors are Agency builders expected to deliver projects efficiently and coordinate and communicate with the team.
  • Sales/BD, trusted external or internal profile delivering potential collaboration inside Agency, paid on success relationships.


Any member of Developer DAO can apply to join by filling the initial form. An initial interview will help Agency learn about the skills of the new prospect, and find a role for him/her when the adequate project and/or is available. Current members will vote to grant membership to the applicant.

In order to be part of Agency potential members will need to:

  • Be senior and have reliability on some area of work in web3,
  • Be autonomous
  • Have available time to put into work (min 10 hours a week)
  • Be a team member, no stars, there is no space for stars here.
  • Being a leader is deeply appreciated. Know how to lead and understand the capital requirements of a project, budgeting, client conversations, etc.
  • Be selected by the Admin team

Business Model

As a subDAO of Developer DAO, Agency will operate as an autonomous startup, connecting talented teams of builders with clients.

Main tasks of Q3 + (Q4)

  • Reactivate the presence of Agency in D_D and its members via incentive based work and ventures to reach again to a critical mass of contributors to be able to reach projects with a reliable group to respond needs
  • Reactivate the building will and product discovery via conversations and brainstormings in the space.
  • Clean and define better the service providing and venture scope:
    • Service providing:

      • Web3 Product Design
      • Web3 Front-end development.
      • Smart contract engineering.
    • Venture building:

      • Circling back to approximate ventures as a side effect of service providing and having an internal active senior curated group of people. No specific focus on building it but on building the right group of people in which ventures flourish naturally.


The following are the proposed Objectives and Key Results for Q3 + Q4:

O3 Support DAO members to search for high quality building goals.
KR Reach again a critical mass active community of 10 - 15 members.
KR Finish successfully a minimum of 3 paid services on the verticals we now target, internally or externally sourced within the team.
  • Reactivate Agency weekly Agenda meetings fully open to the DAO
  • Clean inactive members and focus on value members who want to continue the role.
  • Onboard a new wave of members out of the applicants.
  • Co-work Agency business model with the D_D in order to close a reliable partnership between organisation and distribute value accordingly.
  • Collaborate on the finalisation of the D_D Website.

Budget Request

Agency intends to be a growing group of builders in the DAO, assembled in different projects, delivering high quality products and being rewarded for that. We have a base Rewards System 3.


We request 3000 USDC + (0-2500 USDC out of partnerships) for Q3. This will allow us to assemble 4 basic teams for the projects we will have, and the operations team (admin). These are symbolic rewards for highly talented members, but will allow us to set the structure for the future.

  • Allocation for Admin Lead & POC: Monthly individual: 1000 USDC / month. Total for the Season: 3000 USDC (+~(0 - 7500 USDC))
    • Plus the partnerships monthly share that could come from 0 to 2500 USDC / month based on the program share
  • Allocation to Admin Operations: (Fee to be determined based on works and out of Lead fee)
    • Operations role will be focused on maintaining and ensuring that communication standards are followed up based on the requirements and to tweak and adapt the already existing discord setup to follow up with the set up model.
      • Ensure communication standards
      • Maintain discord status


We also would like to request a total of 45000 $CODE

  • Admin 15000 $CODE
  • Agency Pool: 30000 $CODE
    • Allocation for Team Leaders: Quarter allocation for each project from Agency CODE pool on an agreement with the team leader.
    • Contribution allocation will be organised by each Team Leader based on CODE allocations ruling on each working group.

Dynamic requests not attached to quarterly budgets will be done from the pool by each Team Leader $CODE Pool

Value return to Developer DAO


The main and most important value that the Agency will bring back to D_D is having a high-quality reliable group of builders. We offer high-quality professional services, curated products that ring our door, ventures that emerge from the D_D hood and require specific people, as well as the ability to build open products.

This will be reflected in an increment of the brand value concerning the whole value proposition funnel at the initial stages. We will continue to pursue the concept of: “If it comes from the Agency, it is good.”

Short term, it will allow for higher sponsor agreements with the DAO and stronger relationships with the potential for future incorporation into the Agency. We aim to attract new individuals with high standards who are willing to participate in the Agency and the DAO. Long term, the goal is to achieve economic stability and then donate a large share of the surplus to the DAO. We will also help the DAO attract a more diverse active membership. With quality measurable outcomes being produced, people who value real value will come to join us, while those who don’t will disperse.


However, we understand the need to contribute to making Developer DAO financially stable, so we propose returning specific percentages of the Agency’s revenue to the DAO based on milestones achieved:

  • 10% of the net profit from Agency overall works. We will revisit this model at the end of Q4.

As we move forward, we will revisit this model at the end of Q4, as it is essential for the business model of Agency to create other collaborations besides being fully dependent on D_D.


Agency will position itself as the experts group inside the DAO in which you can trust to build on the verticals we master.


Thank you @Gordo, for moving this forward :pray:

General’y I’m in support of this proposal - some initial comments;

  1. Who is performing the Sub-DAO Coordinator role? (WIP JD linked, hoping to work with those performing this role to nail it down)

Ideally, this is one person, not a role split between multiple people - my experience tells me more people immediately means much harder to coordinate and keep folks accountable as rewards are split thinly between multiple people.

  1. Prefer to see focus on validating Service DAO Model > Building ventures, the path to paying people on the latter is very long and uncertain.
  2. Love seeing the intention to get close to the Labs team - this is exactly what I/we were hoping for with this new budget/model - if you want to go far got together :slight_smile:
  3. Love the simplicity first - part of the reasoning behind by thoughts re Service DAO > Ventures - I like the idea of aggressively trying to validate this business vs worrying to much about being a DAO
  4. Budget - SubDAO USDC is allocated always, rest of the USDC is allocated as preferred partner deals are signed.
  5. Budget - CODE Admin - can you share how 15,000 admin was calculated, please
  6. Budget CODE Pool - any plan on how these will be allocated
  7. Value return - cultural - love it
  8. Value return Financial - IMHO, should be 10% of revenue > profit (this is what labs are doing) at least for now until have a better system as it keeps everything very clean. Profit under this model is flawed as one can always increase costs and return nothing back to the DAO.

We could even put the revenue split on-chain so any funds coming into the agency/labs/any other sub-dao are split immediately between DAO Treasury and Sub-DAO Treasury - good for transparency and trust.

Overall I think this is great, and looking forward to seeing thoughts and engagement from others.

One idea I’d love to see us explore is active > passive recruitment of talent. Looks like you’re planning for more of this via help to drive engagement in the build category, which is great, yet I wonder if we can take it a step further like so…

“Actively recruit folks we know from the community who are; a) excellent builders and b) have network/online profiles that will help us attract work, fast”

We’ve chatted a little on the DMs about this and have asked a couple of people who fit this profile, and they’re interested in the conversation. I think bringing folks in who have already built trust in the industry to help drive initial business coming into the Agency could be hugely impactful.


I support this initiative, and hope to take a more active part in it. Cheers.


It was implicit, I’ll make it explicit.

Assuming an average of ~20 hours / week dedicated by the Admin team till Q4

We’ve had numerous issues in the past with allocating to each subproject contributor. Unexpected projects would arise in the middle of the season, compelling us to redistribute CODE from other groups, always from top (Admin team) to bottom (contributors). This pattern cannot persist. Instead, each work-group leader should submit and allocate the CODE to their group’s contributors at the season’s end. We can always return any unallocated CODE.

We can also consider a different approach. CODE isn’t primarily a means of payment but more of a governance mechanism and a fan token. Maybe we should move the CODE allocations to the end of the season. I remain open to solutions.

All right, but it will be revisited. Not fully confortable with the absolute terms of this.

As we talked, let’s start by building cool quality products/services, the status should be earned not sold. To other quality people, VCs, or whomever may be interested.


Up with the final document