[ARCHIVE] - MBD guild S1 budget application

Authors: @nas , @kayprasla


This is the mbd guild budget application for Season 1. It outlines the high-level goals of the guild, how we plan to get there, the team working to make this happen and a proposed budget. The proposed budget is 14,976 $CODE to be distributed over the course of 16 weeks.


Guild setup to build growth system for the DAO, onboard partners, onboard contributors, and support initiatives to grow adoption, partnerships, and funding. We have a list of existing partnerships, active initiatives, and champions for each. This is all roughly working, but needs resources to coordinate contributors to drive the desired outcomes.


Need to build and maintain strategy, relationships, manage guild operations, and champion initiatives from the growth side.

Success Metrics and KPIs

  • :bulb: Number of active partnerships developed
  • :bulb: $s collected each season


core guild contributors

Core contributors will develop strategy, support the onboarding of contributors to the guild, and help coordinate as owners of their areas of responsibility. They will facilitate the communication between initiative leads, partner leads, and support maintenance of long term partners. They should also hold responsibility for communicating with the other guilds and the governance systems of the wider DAO.

compensation - paid based on time and rate for ongoing contribution.

initiative leads

Initiative leads (individual or group) are responsible for championing an initiative within the guild and leveraging the existing partnerships and relationship leaders to navigate partners and secure support on their initiative.

compensation - the share of revenue or time based payment should be decided by the initiative.

partner relationship leads

Partner leads (can be individual or group) are responsible for owning a relationship with a partner. Understanding the organisation, their needs, sentiment, and capacity to work with each initiative.

compensation - partnership leads get share of banked funds

content/marketing contributors

This role can be content and marketing contributors that want to take on bounties or define packages of work they want to take on.

compensation - paid based on packages of work, time estimate, and rate.

Initiative and partner relationship based compensation

  • 5-10% of funds should be split between initiative and partner leads OR each initiative can propose what they want to offer the guild.
  • initiative lead: Colin4ward

web3con example if we rewarded leads with 10% of funds generated split equally:

#DevRel Costs

Core Team

A core guild team is required for managing all of the process, infrastructure, strategy, and supporting a wider collective of partner and initiative-focused contributors.

16 weeks * 390 = 6,240 $CODE

marketing budget

Think we should have a budget for marketing contribution being made by contributors spending the equivalent time as budgeted by the core team and so 6,240 $CODE.

operational budget

20% of guild budget to allow for additional expenses in the season = 2,496 $CODE

Just for clarity, are all rewards in the proposal made in $CODE, or is there any mention to USD?

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Yeah changed to code. Still pretty confused with the whole code thing. Probably should have just listed hours and let us workout code allocation once all proposals are in.

@nassarhayat.eth noticed there were some DevRel hours on the budget application on Notion but not on this doc. was that intentional or should we add them back in?

yeah. intentional. dev rel is an initiative and so outside of the dev rel lead (@kayprasla) they will work on specific sponsor deliverables and be paid a share of the sponsorship $s.

OK, thanks for clarifying. Think it’s important we quantify that somewhere so people know what is heading to the DevRel gang doing the work. Unsure if that looks like a % of the revenue that is then shared amongst the team via coordinate, or we use the hourly DevRel deliverable estimates X an agreed hourly rate in USD, or something else. what do you think?

cc @Colin4ward @kayprasla

I was under the impression we would assign an hourly rate to DevRel hours to enable us to project margins on S1 sponsorship.

Same. I still recommend assigning an hourly rate to tasks per offering in the S1 sales deck.

What happens if Core members end up taking more hours for the scheduled activities? I would prefer to err on the generosity side, than having members feeling they are not rewarded enough.

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FYI we have a WIP update for this budget here that we’ll finalise tomorrow and share tomorrow