0x Protocol Website Open Bounty!

Hey y’all, apologies in advance if there’s a format that I was supposed to adhere to.

I’m Eric, PM at 0x Labs focused on Governance. My main goal is to help transition 0x Protocol to full decentralized ownership and governance!

There’s quite a few things in motion right now but what I wanted to reach out to this community about specifically is about the open bounty we have right now for help building out a new 0x Protocol Website. Here’s the full forum post with more details: https://gov.0x.org/t/new-0x-protocol-website-open-application/3466

Please feel free to reach out to me via twitter or Discord (ewokafloka#4296) if you have any questions. Would be really really cool if any of y’all here would want to help us out :slight_smile:


We have Agency, a sub-DAO focused on providing Dev services: https://agency.developerdao.com/
Would be a nice way to start collaboration. We will certainly apply.
Are there any deadlines?

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Awesome looking forward to seeing y’alls application.

In terms of deadline, we’re hoping to have open application for the the rest of this week (maybe until next Friday). This first application is really simple, just dropping a name and link to past works so it shouldn’t be a big lift.

There’ll be a second phase to this bounty where I’ll be meeting with a subset of those who applied to share more around the design intent and scope so that teams can prepare a full proposal to be shared with the DAO as this work would be paid through the DAO treasury.

Hope that helps but happy to hop on a call to talk more if needed!

posted. Looking forward to talk to you guys.

amazing! yes would love to find some time to chat with y’all next week :slight_smile: will reach out via discord!

Sure. Ping a dm in Discord, please.

Hi Erik, I sent a friend request over Discord over the weekend but realize it’s not obvious that it’s me haha. My discord username is ewokafloka#4296