S2 D_D Women Budget Proposal: Diversity, Inclusiveness & Social Space

the membership/scholarship fund is not accounted for in this budget proposal. we’re working with Nader and he will be sponsoring the initiative out of his token allocations/nfts.

my allocation will also be used to sponsor new members, but this is not part of the official initiative, more of a personal one.

thanks for the support :purple_heart:


This seems good to me and well aligned with the values of the DAO. I have some concerns over the amount of USD allocated not being enough to cover what you all need done.


In full support of D_D Women’s budget. I’ve always loved coming to D_D Fridays. Happy to see this initiative gain more structure to have a greater impact across the dao :raised_hands:


we originally only had $CODE as the bounty reward and added the USD as suggested by @Erik_Knobl. if you believe a higher amount in USD would serve us best, let me know if you have a suggested amount. I’m always in support of paying contributors more to help with retention and trust in the team!

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you’re the best. talk to you soon :purple_heart:


i appreciate this initiative, am excited to see it grow, and am generally supportive of the proposal.

  1. i encourage anyone part of D_D Women to participate in the Steward election – a very concrete way to diversify dao leadership and have a platform to broadly advance inclusivity.
  2. i do like the “at least one Community Manager is a representative of D_D Women” policy idea related to the Labs budget. would be happy to see @meowy or another core member in that role.
  3. OKRs – needs broadcasting to most open proposals: the latest governance update (P-22) asks for OKRs in this format. many of your goals have pretty well-defined ‘key results’ already (e.g., host D_D Fridays each week, develop new branding, launch a new landing page, etc.). that may be sufficient, but if you find the exercise helpful to discover other smol concrete todos, go for it.
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Read it all, love it all.

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Thank you for that.

  • I nominated myself for the steward selection. I was a steward in last season also.

  • I think we already discussed about the set of responsibility that could fall into community management and if that all works out, I will be happy to join as a Community Manager. I have already been assisting members in any way I can and been holding calls through ddw team.

  • Thank you for the OKR format.
    I have been thinking of putting monthly updates on this forum referring what we have achieved along with our wins and what we need to do more/ need more time to finish. In that way everyone will have a clear idea of what’;s been going on with ddw team and how close we are to our season 2 goals being achieved.

But I can say this confidently that we have got done with a lot already even though it’s just the starting of season 2.

Thank you for your support. :sparkles:

@stewards It’d be great to get some comments to consider moving this proposal to snapshots.

I wholeheartedly support the mission and all the soul and energy that goes into achieving it. And I unequivocally applaud you all for your undertakings. Anyone that knows me, knows that.

I appreciate fully the value of this work. In fact I find it invaluable. And I also know what it’s like to do work, where it’s a real challenge to document the hours that I’ve worked, so you have my empathy from that perspective.

But here comes some scrutiny. And I’ll probably make myself even more unpopular than I already am for saying this, but I believe in principle over popularity. After all, that’s how activism begins its journey, until it goals can become a reality. And my scrutiny is meant as a protection to the mission of this initiative, as opposed to a hindrance to it.

I’m quite puzzled as to this rationale of this statement. Is this suggesting that 15 $CODE per hour doesn’t apply to this initiative? I’m confused as to what our approach means. Who else’s approach is this comparing to? I’d really appreciate some clarity on this.

8 stewards have commented on this. I will elevate it to snapshot.
Any final comments in the next 30 minutes, let me know, please.

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excited to see the ongoing Community Manager election include two DDW core members!

i know we’re close to the finish line here, but i’d like to formalize my earlier suggestion to include a CM within the DDW budget and give that a try for S2. Specifically my suggestion is to:

  • add $1k/mo USDC for a DDW Community Manager. could be a similar job description as the other three, but up to you.
  • i imagine the DDW Community Manager as a peer of the other three, but naturally would focus primarily on DDW.
  • the DDW core team can decide how to assign the role (including splitting it up or rotating the role).

I actually have a different suggestion for this.

I planned to stay away from the Community Manager part.

So in that way, I can focus on being ddw Community manager and while having 3 Community manager for the DAO.

In that way, we can have more hands on the community handling without just three.

One person for ddw community (which I will be doing myself) + 3 community managers (which is from the elected community managers)

What do you think?

i think we’re on the same page. my suggestion is to add a $1k/mo USDC budget for a dedicated DDW CM in addition to the three roles that are up for election now.

in my limited understanding, it sounds like the responsibilities you’ve got in mind already and i’d be supportive of that allocation going in your direction. i think an ideal outcome is no one is a CM for both DDW and the broader dao at the same time, so if you take on the DDW role, i’ll use my vote weight for other candidates in the election – nothing personal :wink: .

That sounds good to me.

Then we will change the budget and make the changes as you are suggesting.

thanks for the suggestion.

i would really like this wrapped up ASAP as we are already going to be in March. @meowy please update this ASAP so @Erik_Knobl can send this to snapshot.

i’d like this to be the FINAL request. we’ve been sitting on this for weeks. thanks

Am I correct with my calculations here? @meowy for 9600 $CODE throughout the season, you’ll be required to do 40 hours a week of work under the DDW initiative?

I was in the middle of updating it.
It’s updated now.

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