RFC: Accountability Groups

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This RFC is a proposal for a process of forming small groups of members together into accountability groups. It’s our hope that these groups will help our community blossom by giving members a low-pressure social mechanism for meeting new frens, staying informed, and making a mark on the DAO together.

The original draft for this RFC was written by @CacheMonet. The Champions for this RFC are @CacheMonet and @with-heart.

What’s an accountability group?

An accountability group is a small social group comprised of 3-5 members and a group leader.

The purpose of the group is for members to:

  • hang out and get to know each other
  • share information with each other
  • collectively represent their problems/concerns to the guild/DAO

What’s a group leader?

The group leader is essentially the “host” of the group.

A group leader has a few responsibilities:

  • keep group conversation flowing
  • plan occasional hangouts
  • present collective problems/concerns to guild/DAO

These responsibilities are meant to be minimal though! The leader’s job is mostly just to make sure the group’s members are getting to know each other and having fun together.

What’s a group member?

A group member has a few responsibilities:

  • get to know other members
  • participate in hangouts (if desired)
  • check in on other members
  • help keep other members involved
  • share information about guild/DAO with group

Basically, the group member’s job is to have fun together and make frens!

What isn’t an accountability group?

An accountability group is purely a social group. These groups have no set purpose other than to socialize together. There’s no requirement for previous experience, skill level, desired education, building, etc.

We’ll define other types of groups and onboarding processes to handle purpose-driven groups. Accountability groups are solely a way to get members to meet each other and make friends within the guild/DAO.

Why accountability groups?

There are currently not many defined paths for members to get to know each other within the DAO.

We have community projects and the occasional town hall, office hours, or group hangout, but getting to know anyone else in such large, purpose-specific group environments is challenging.

We view accountability groups as a low-pressure way for members to find friends and sources of support within the DAO. The groups are intended to be only a few members so the cost of engaging each other is much lower than larger group settings.

It’s our hope that defining this small collective unit and the process for creating/joining one will encourage large numbers of members to join together in getting to know each other.


Everything is coordinated through a new #accountability-groups channel. A message will be pinned documenting how to create a group or how to join a group.

We probably need to discuss the exact process a little more before getting started with it but this is my current thinking.

How do I create a group?

  1. Create a thread for your new group in #accountability-groups.
  2. Write an introduction for yourself as the first post in your new group thread!
  3. That’s it. You’re finished!

How do I join a group?

  1. Open a thread for the group you’d like to join.
  2. If the thread has less than 6 members already in it, join the thread!
  3. Introduce yourself to your new accountability group!

How do we (guild org) support accountability groups?

  • Share potential icebreaker discussion topics
  • Share potential hangout activities
  • Define a process for group leaders to raise problems/concerns from their group

Next steps after a little conversation are:

  • create Excalidraw diagrams explaining the process with visuals
  • create #accountability-groups channel
    • pin a message describing the purpose of the channel
      • include diagrams
  • create a page in Notion documenting this topic
    • add potential icebreaker topics
    • add potential hangout activities
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Oh this is a great idea! I would say that there should probs be a set time interval these groups stay together and then give a chance for people to rotate into new groups.


So this is my first comment, so please be kind, I just want to help. This is breaking my world by finding this. I’ve been trying to do this on my own for like 5 weeks, and it has been a wonderful day to find out there is so much done. . . Sigh, anyway. about the timing aspect.

There is an idea about a season, syncing this seems logical.


YES! That was supposed to be in there but it got lost. Were we thinking changing each season @CacheMonet?


So I’m just going to suggest things? I can just speak my mind, right?

This is the user story? it’s a thought.
If I was to get an accountability group right now, it would be people that I know and trust. I have 1 person, say his ‘name’ is Shawn. Shawn is the lead person and handles some of the deligation work because we elected him. When we first decide to work together we come up with a Chater. A charter is a doc (living) that is the goals of the team, and the high-level planning goodness, dates, and features. Once we start our season we work off of that charter until it is complete.

The season becomes something then defined by the charter, charters can have general guidelines.


This does sound more “accountable” but has the disadvantage of having a higher barrier to getting started. Maybe just chilling is all the charter some groups need or have the bandwidth for.


Where would the group discussions take place? In the group thread?

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I agree with you red tape is the worst! A charter idea could work for those who want it.

I’m just thinking of how I would do it and how it would look. I would get together and at the start of the season have a few drinks/food chatting with my future work. Write down the folks’ names, their ideas, values, mission. etc.

Basically, anything THEY want. If a team wants to hang out chill and only make easter eggs. throw that in the charter and go! Think of a README for a team level. If the team you’re on is chill the readme can say. This would also give highly organized and highly functioning teams to fit into the same mold. Their READMEs can be as documented as they want. We could program features that would be requested by the teams to make that readme as automated as possible.

“Team Chill - Season X Chater”
“We chill and put down easter eggs, we work 4 hours a week and have a chat group @____”
Want to join? - do these steps

  1. Be chill
  2. Send a chill message to us
  3. Come chill with us.
    When do we meet?
    We don’t have a set time, we just hang out in discord.
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I would really love it if you wrote this up as a separate proposal! I think it’s a great idea that we should discuss but it involves more process and detail than I’m looking to deal with at this time.

Our goal is to get people forming into groups right now and I think this RFC gives us just enough to make that happen without having to answer many questions, think about the process, define what a charter is, etc.

Basically, I’d love for accountability groups to evolve into something more like your idea! But right now is the time for starting small so that we can iterate in that direction.