[REJECTED] Annual NFT Membership in Developer DAO

red flag for me is what looks like people trying to back this solution into multiple problems. i see at least two problem spaces emphasized: (quotations are me paraphrasing)

  1. β€œwe need more revenue streams that less dependent on the whims of sponsors.”
    – i agree. supportive of exploration there. i dont think this form of membership model will generate enough revenue to warrant the cost to the community (i.e. the removal of non-interested members from the server + the opportunity cost to implement, educate, and market it). a lot of the value in D_D comes from the potential of its community members, even if each rarely engages. lurking is the default, in that many keep an eye on things and engage with the very occasional opportunity that is relevant to their interests. D_D partnerships are wide ranging; its unreasonable to expect one member to care about even half of the events. if you cut out most of the lurkers, what is left?
    – alternative thought experiment: what if D_D optionally sold an annual β€œpatron” nft that was something on top of general membership? spitballing: position it as yearly membership dues that help keep the lights on (e.g., pay foundation fees, the absolute basics), if you can afford it and want to collect the nft for that year. (here you can do your annual design competition @kempsterrrr).

  2. β€œit needs to be easier to join.”
    – if by that you mean: there’s too little availability of the D4R nft or CODE tokens on secondary markets, then perhaps tackle that instead. as one example, lowering the CODE token barrier to entry could make scholarship/prize budgets go further and members can do what they want with any tokens they don’t want to continue to hold.