Mentorship Program Budget S1 Application

A minor change, the number of listed additional organizers should be 7 by count of names listed. To account for the fix, we’ve reduced the amount in the quests category by the appropriate amount.

The updated table is below:

Role Average hours/Week Weeks Hourly Rate Total per Person People in category Total $CODE
Mentor 2 12 15 360 24 8640
Mentee 4 12 0 0 72 0
Lead Organizer 8 14 15 1680 1 1680
Additional Organizers 6 14 15 1260 7 8820
Quests for tasks 4620
Totals 105 23760

I think @Cannablitch is someone to touch base with at some point, as they’re currently in the midst of overhauling the Product Guild. Their immediate focus is generating a list of active projects across the DAO, with a long-term focus on how to best assist people with managing their projects.


so, will the community consider choosing some multilingual organizers , i think it is better for including some talent but not english native mentees


Very good point @okfine.eth.
We asked in the application form ‘what is your preferred language for mentor/mentee?’
And we have about 10 languages in our core team.
What is the best way to use those extra languages?
Please, please, please give more details. :hugs:


hahaha, i dont know man, but i think i will choose the mentor who speaks my native language. thanks you


this is looking great folks, hugely valuable to the DAO. :handshake:

FYI the deadline for finalising the proposals is Sunday @ midnight UTC, is everything in here updated regarding the $CODE budget ask? seems to me folks are doing an awful lot of work so if now you’ve started you’re really doing more hours please up the rates to reflect that. better to over estimate than underestimate IMHO

if no changes please add “Supporting Budget Stewards: name, name, name” under authors and include any of the @stewards who’ve signalled support. If you make changes to the financials just @ me back here there can be a final check before it’s confirmed.

as it stands I’d be very happy to give my support as a budget steward too this. legends.

voting will kick off Monday :rocket:

@ntindle @BluePanda @luan @Piablo


Hey @kempsterrrr can I add 6 hours a week on to my total weekly hours? That’s quite a modest estimation, based on this past number of weeks’ work. But of course the tasks aren’t necessarily going to be the same from now until the end of the season.

I just want the mentees and mentors to feel that there is the presence of a few team members throughout the period and that there is a steady connection to the rest of the DAO.

cc @7i7o and @ntindle


That sounds reasonable to me

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Don’t see why not. @ntindle unsure if you’ve done this already but please go ahead and do so. Planning to elevate to votes this evening so any changes in before then!!

cc @ntindle @Piablo I tried to make the adjustments myself but I couldn’t work them out. Have elevated to a vote but would you mind making the edit anyhow when you get this place

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I think this KPI is still pretty vague, so my suggestion is to run a retrospective towards the end of Season 1 - and see what lessons are needed to be learnt, as well as how you might better contextualize this in future seasons.

Throughout the course of S1, both myself and @vorcigernix (as part of the OKRs Initiative) will be checking in at intervals, to see how much progress is being made on reaching set KPIs, see how we can offer support etc. I imagine this can be better defined, as time goes on.

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That’s fantastic @luan and @vorcigernix . Enthusiastic about that collaboration and getting meaningful and sustainable outcomes! Ans let’s keep to a closer and not farther end of Season 1 :blush:


Hey guys! I think the 2/week avg for Mentors is not so realistic. Specially if the mentor is engaged and really trying to support and have a meaninfull impact on their mentees. That’d imply only 1 hr/week per mentee, that’s barely enough to help them debug something they’re stuck with :slight_smile:

As a mentor I wouldn’t mind earning less per hour as an organizer and I think most of us don’t do it for the $CODE. But increasing the number of hours would give a more realistic scenario that would primarily benefit the mentees. So instead of 2hr 15/hr , we could have something like 4hr 10/hr

For some general background, the 15/hr was set DAO wide.

For the time commitments, we did a few surveys of mentors and the median amount they could promise was 2hrs/mentor/week. I would love if more time was spent but realistically, for the first round of the mentorship program, I think we went with it just to have a number. We will learn over the next four months and I hope to improve it.

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I’ve put a proposal to the mentorship team to get their thoughts on asking for some pre-budget period retroactive rewards,
The aim for the mentorship programme was to have something ongoing. Strategically, we then made the choice to actually launch it so that it was ready for action on day 1 of season 1. We managed to do that way ahead of time. A lot of the heavy lifting for some of our team was during that pre-season, and therefore pre-budget launch period.
We are providing something special and sustainable for the DAO. It seems only right.


Milestone Summary

  • KPI: Mentor & mentee engagement
    • Engagement, recognition, relationship with mentees & mentors, time management & well-being are measured through 1:1 meetings with the organization team, entry & exit surveys.
    • Mentor retention
    • Number of mentors who are willing to further contribute in subsequent or future cohorts. Measured through exit surveys.

This KPI isn’t easy to measure currently. We are working on tools with @myz1237.eth to help ease the process of reporting, which will unlock the data analysis potential. We are moving forward with the assumption that no news is good news.

  • KPI: Diversity and inclusion
    • The most common methods of assessing diversity are measuring the representation of underrepresented groups at various levels of an organization e.g mentees & mentors.

We didn’t collect diversity and inclusion data for season 1. We regret that it didn’t happen at the start of the season, but we plan on collecting that data at the end of the season. We plan on working with a few mentors and mentees and trying to boost content to help make the program more accessible to underrepresented groups.

“You’re looking for someone who looks like you” - @dev_jsarje

We are looking to help people do that. A few of the ideas are POAPs for S1 participants that they can share. Others include extended mentorships into season 2. We are actively investigating both.

The mentorship has been pretty successful, albeit smaller than we wanted.


Re. Diversity and inclusion — this KPI was set prior to the start of Season 1. Who made the decision not to collect this data? And what was the rationale behind this decision?

Can you shed more light on this, please? The above quote is a little vague.

Re. Diversity and inclusion — this KPI was set prior to the start of Season 1. Who made the decision not to collect this data? And what was the rationale behind this decision?

It wasn’t really a decision to not collect it, more of that it just didn’t happen. Most of the pairings happened well before S1 and were done before this requirement was written. This idea kicked off in April and a significant portion of the work done was pre-KPIs.

There is still an opportunity to collect them at the end of the season closing survey.

Can you shed more light on this, please? The above quote is a little vague.

We want to help underrepresented groups show their involvement with the dao by issuing things like POAPS

Thanks for clarifying.

Does this include both mentors and mentees? Or just one of the groups? If the latter, what’s the rationale there?

And would these POAP’s go exclusively to people from underrepresented groups, or everybody who participated in the mentorship program will be eligible to receive one?

It would include everyone, mentees and mentors would get different versions. Our discussion with @dev_jsarje really was letting us know that giving people the opportunity to have visibility for things like that is good.