[DRAFT] Stewards

agree with the principal/observation that stewards needs to be performed by folks who want to do it. still feel at this juncture it would be fair to connect to two things together assuming rewards are aligned (core issue imho)

also believe it’s important we have an open conversation about guild leadership’s Vs operators and how they relate to each other.

whilst @Colin4ward as far as I can tell is performing the equivalent of the guild lead role for MBD and is due financial returns for his work as a partnerships lead, I wonder what that structure might look like with a defined MD guild lead / operator as well.

would it not make sense to retain someone to perform that critical function, or not? that potentially also being @Colin4ward if he’d be up for it. operational responsibility and thus rewards arguably the same as partnership responsibility. who’s responsible for the processes in MBD? If @Colin4ward is should he being rewarded for it beyond $CODE when we can afford it outside of his partnerships lead responsibilities?

these are the kind of debates and decisions I personally think the stewards should be empowered to make.

I agree that stewards should be different individuals than operators or even guild leaders. Otherwise, we may have instances where you are overseeing your own work, or are heavily linked to it. Not to mention just the amount of work required.

As a DAO we need to steer away from concentrating power just because it is the easy way to do it, and rather employ efforts to empower other individuals.

Understand the reasoning behind suggesting GLs/Operators cannot be Stewards but I think it would be unrealistic for us to expect we can find a decent number of of folks who aren’t Gls/Operators who will be willing an able to maintain the context required to make the kind of decisions Stewards are being empowered to make.

Folks probably are not going to like this suggestion and a bit awkward for me to be making it given I am the only community Director on the Foundation (at least to being with), but, given the responsibilities we now have with a legal entity I’d suggest the Stewards must include a serving director so Stewards can make decisions inline with the laws we’re accountable too.

I agree with the director of the foundation being a steward.