[DISCUSSION] Agency to Build section and Consulting

As explained in the Q4 statement of the Agency,

The project, as it stands now, is going to be discontinued. This decision comes after gathering information about how and why this situation arose. The findings suggest that Agency’s positioning within the context of the DAO was perceived as competitive with the intrinsic partner personas of the DAO.

There was a perception of Agency being a ‘black box’ and a competing model to D_D.

None of these perceptions were ever the goal of Agency, as previously stated. The mission of Agency has always been to create the infrastructure within D_D to streamline professional projects for the DAO members.

In the process of meeting these needs, the initial step involved devising solutions to address the lack of trust in a distributed team, especially in the context of delivering client requirements.

Upon realising that these aspects were creating reverse incentives for the main DAO actors, I have decided to stop the closed aspect of Agency and revert it to the open build channels that were active in the early days of the DAO, focusing on building, and permitting the incentives to be a individual opt-in to each member.

There was no specific intention regarding the legal aspects of building trust with clients or ventures, nor any specific intention of forming potential teams for delivery.

Agency will now be an public but role-based channel to discuss production-ready projects of the Agency members’ careers, with much more flexibility in how to participate in these channels.

The proposed side-by-side incentive model did not work in the collective context.


On the other hand, the rationale behind the inception of Agency is still valid, but it has yet to find its appropriate partners and format within the context of the D_D DAO.

Agency → D_D Consultancy.

There remains a need to channel potential clients or job offerings that need more an approach with professional building needs, as opposed to starting projects out of curiosity.

Maybe the actual rails of Agency fit more into this aspects and the incentives for the participants & members could align more within a context of specific consultancy work from time to time.


I’d love to see the following:

  1. Align on a few core projects in the DAO and secure funding for them
  2. Funnel the best builders in the DAO to these projects
  3. Create a lower-lift way for members to quickly get DAO support for smaller ideas

This is already happening with the RPC thanks to @Crypdough.eth @PSkinnerTech @vorcigernix @protocolwhisperer @0xThresh and others.

I’d love to see get folks perspectives on a few more potential projects:

  1. Moving our blog on-chain, either as a fork of mirror or something new
  2. Wrapping/bridging/redeploying the CODE token on and L2, then potentially see what else we can do regarding liquidity provision, rewards/governance incentives - maybe staking is required/increase governance power, require staking code to unlock opportunities (i.e. Bounty Board)

I’d prefer to see this > a separate space or group in the DAO, then as we start to ship projects and the builders who contribute to these projects show their skills/talent we then re-consider what it might looking like to do consulting work based on the reputation we have built up shipping those projects.

For the last point, I think this is largely a communication and documentation issue. The overhead of governance scares people off but now aspects of this have been reduced here and here, I think we encouragement we could get more ideas being proposed and shipped.

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Sounds familiar. Just the same reason Agency started.
Happy to help.

Are there any financials and agreements in place for the project?
Commitment signed on paper and incentives based on project success pre-work.
If not sounds like a Web3EventKit (or any other of the DAO’s tryouts projects) mirror, it does not matter the initial energy or illusion. If there is not hard a frame surrounding it and contractual leadership in place, it will fail. It will fade out as soon as the initial energy fades out. Doing the same will output the same .

I’m sorry to say this, but the incentives and build-up model necessary for this to happen are not in place. I am happy to help build them. This is what I’ve been trying to do with the Agency for two years now.

I see more value in moving ahead the NFT subscription model as it will activate a snowball effect around it that will move other projects competing to use the money in the DAO.

It is not a separate group, membership in D_D is required. The reason for this separation was that, within the context of the DAO, all approaches to project development were considered snake oil, and there was too much noise with people around making promises to proceed with a project by later on not following up with them.