Developer Input Needed On Cross Chain Smart Contract NFTs Interaction

Hi Folks,

Wondering if we can get some Dev input into a particular problem the derivatives team is trying to solve.

One of the requirements for minting a pixel avatar derivative NFT is the need to check that the person minting has the necessary matched original Genesis NFT. While this is currently done and working in Ethereum Rinkeby/Mainnet, it is not too hard to do as the original Genesis NFT smart contract is in the same chain.

We are however due to Gas wars, are building an L2 minting solution (possibly Polygon) where gas will be cheaper and more money can go into treasury. The challenge here is that we need to devise a solution allowing the check to be done cross chain (as original genesis NFT is on Mainnet and the pixel avatar minting is in L2)

An elegant solution and approach is needed here that will help minimise the cost as well as making sure it’s tamper proof.

While trying to work this out ourselves, me and the team e.g. @rasmuscnielsen, etherinsight and the gang is eager to hear some suggestions, guidance or possibly even pointing us to the right direction.