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In the near future, I envision we will be launching some projects from within the DAO. These may be projects we build in house or possibly some we get commissioned to do. I already work with some incubators in the web3 space and often get asked to work on projects that they have sketched out and need developers to build out. My plan is to build our very own DDAO Launchpad which we can use to launch individual members projects or DDAO projects.

We could showcase the launchpad by launching our very own ERC20 governance token once we have decided on the details of it.

Monetary reasons aside, a launchpad deals with many aspects of web3 development in one project, token staking, reading contract data, frontend etc… It would be an awesome learning experience at the very least. We could use the funds generated to put towards the treasury as we definitely need to start thinking about how we go about paying for the resources we require during development.

We have a rather diverse group of members, we can essentially cover all aspects of the project cycle including Project Management, Marketing, Comms, Development etc… I see us providing a Dao as a Service (DAAS) type role in incubating both internal and external projects .

I could certainly build this out alone but I can’t think of a better way to allow the Devs we have onboard to sink their teeth into a complete project and refine our processes for collaboration.

Let me know your thoughts…


@with-heart mentioned you’d been speaking about this idea @IbbyDev and glad to see some context on it as I’ve been thinking about something similar since we started to discuss the idea of being a web3 ycombinator.

The idea having an internal (to begin with maybe) launchpad where projects that are being worked on by community members can be voted on or staked using our ERC-20 and then the tops projects are reviewed for more funding I personally think is a super interesting one. We definitely have the diverse skills set, network affects and connections to bring any good idea to life and this could be a dope decetranlised way to make that happen organically inside our community.

I found this accelerator that have a leaderboard and the projects that float to the top then get reviewed and back if there’s merit to do so. No web3ification though of course.

I’m sure @dabit3 would have some interesting thoughts on this too…


I love the idea of a developer accelerator, there’s a solid need for something like this as there are a lot of projects out there that are just developers making stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong, just hurts to see their potential not fully realised.

Worth checking out -

  1. Dev protocol - Decentralised creator economy + social tokens with proof of ownership of projects.
  2. Blockzero Labs - Decentralised venture studio (not very active)
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Yes I think our ERC20 token could have more than just DAO related Governance rights, it could be expanded for further utility such as voting power on Projects we want to engage ourselves with. The added bonus of the Launchpad is we could essentially get a portion of each project we launch as well as entitle holders of our token to partake in their sale, hence funding the treasury and rewarding our members.

Most importantly from my perspective, is it gives our devs a chance to get involved in building something a little more substantial and will allow newer devs to take on smaller tasks and help ease them into contributing.


I really like this suggestion.

I enjoy the setup of Avalaunch on the AVAX network. Users stake some of the native token to be eligible to participate (showing their broader commitment to the platform, and incentivising holding the DAO’s token in our case), and in return get the option to participate in an early funding round. As noted in the OP, this could inject new capital into the DAO.

Each person’s allocation is based on their # of tokens staked as a % of the total pool of those who have elected to participate (pick the projects you believe in/want to contribute to), and there is a window of time to register and claim, so no one is racing against bots to get their share.


Awesome idea @IbbyDev like @kempsterrrr say, in line with the vision of the being the web3 Ycombinator.

I believe it also ties very nicely with all the other initiatives happening currently.

The internal RFC Championing process can be the first step for instance. A person joining the DAO has an idea and want to see if it can stick. Writes an RFC to get interest. Does his own research using the tools and content that we provide. Gets a few internal people interested and working together towards a minimum viable product. Showcase it. Think it’s ready to move to the next step, submit it o the DevDao Launchpad where it’s now have the attention of mentors, external attention etc.

If we do it right, we might be the provider of the fastest path anyone in the Web3 world can have from idea to launch!

Fast forward a few years, DevDao would have staked in dozens of new Dao/Web3 Project offsprings.

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