D_D Operating System

Thanks. Where do I find the invite?

Hmm :thinking: Have we considered other alternatives that we can self-host for free?

First one that comes to mind id https://docusaurus.io/, but imagine there are others.

As open source lord imagine @with-heart might have some good insight here

imo it would be nice to have this hosted on GitHub and allow folks to open PRs to make changes, as well as host this on a Sub-Domain for developerdao.com. What do you think?

Totally with you Notion, discord etc. needing owners.

I shared this with @Erik_Knobl in the DMs… ENS have nice user-friendly docs to help folks understand their DAO - About ENS

I would love to see us evolve ours into something akin to this. What do others thing?

@Erik_Knobl, how do you feel about the above ask regarding moving to something open source we can host ourselves without any associated costs/restrictions?

Sure. Will work to migrate it to docusaurus, and once that’s done, I will request help to host it as sub-domain, please.

Awesome, lmk if you need any help. Happy to :slight_smile: Do you have access to create this on the DAO’s github org?