[Archived] [Draft v1] S1 Budget Proposal: AxisOne Program

[Archived] [Draft v1] S1 Budget Proposal: AxisOne Program

Author(s): luan (lu.an#9388)


This is the Season 1 budget proposal for the AxisOne Program (formerly called Fellowships). It outlines the high-level goals for the initiative, how we plan to get there, the team working to make this happen and the proposed budget we’re applying for.


The AxisOne Program offers 3 distinct pathways for funnelling people into Developer DAO—all of which are in service of fostering diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment: scholarships, Club Stellar, and fellowships. For this reason, the proposal I’m making here is that we allow ourselves the flexibility to tailor our motivations to specific seasons; whilst maintaining some overarching structure that is predicated on the Program’s ethos.

Mission, Values & Goals Alignment

AxisOne exists as a public goods initiative, focused on funnelling people into Developer DAO. At both a higher and granular level, this Program is grounded in diversity, equity, and empowerment — and is comprised of the following 3 pathways:

1. Scholarships

Memberships that are awarded at the individual-level. There will be a 50/50 split between memberships which can be earned, and memberships that are awarded for free.

2. Fellowships

Memberships that are awarded at the individual-level. For ref. see the Kernel program that was spun up out of Gitcoin — Kernel Community | Kernel.

This pathway serves as an opportunity for people to come into the Developer DAO community in a cohort-based, collective learning format. Fellowships will run for 1/3 of a season (i.e. a period of 4 weeks).

3. Club Stellar

Memberships awarded to people, via organisations that have a mission focused on marginalized groups within the tech and web3 spaces.

Depending on when Season 1 commences, the 1st and 3rd pathways will be ready to rollout by Week 4 of Season 1. The second pathway (Fellowships) will not. Part of the Season 1 (and potentially Season 2) focus, is to build this out. This includes key partnerships (both internal and external), research & development, drafting grant proposals, and constructing a v1.0 framework.

The intention is that each season, there is an allocation set aside to fund the AxisOne Program. The logistics of which do not have to be defined at this juncture; and thus, are subject to change in future seasons.

As this particular effort is multi-layered, I’m strongly encouraging us to be pedantic about focusing on only a few core goals for Season 1 - in addition to starting small and scaling up gradually. As mentioned, depending on when Season 1 commences, the rollout of the AxisOne Program will not be ready for week 1. To protect the integrity of this initiative, it is important that we do not rush this.

Brand usage

The Developer DAO branding will be used on any 3rd party platforms, such as Google Forms, Typeform etc.

Scope of work

The overarching goal for Season 1 is twofold:

  1. Roll out the Scholarships and Club Stellar pathways in a manner that protects the integrity of the AxisOne Program.

  2. And from there, work to develop a steady cadence around each.

At a granular level, this looks like (but is not limited to):

  • Constructing a charter
  • Constructing an ethos
  • Work on building out a suitable v1.0 framework for the Scholarships pathway
  • Building a Season 1 framework of responsibilities for the Elected Committee
  • Procuring ENS domains + setting up relevant multi-sig(s)

They are the immediate areas of focus. And thus, give way to the following:

  • Refinement of the aforementioned pathways
  • Initial development on the Fellowships pathway
  • Building out the Axis Fund

In the spirit of fostering a democratic work structure, the initial intention was for the entire Community Guild to get involved in developing this Program. After multiple attempts to engage the community (dating back to November 2021 when this idea was first broached), I’ve concluded that we lack certain elements within the DAO at this juncture, that can adequately facilitate such an approach. What has inevitably occurred at various intervals, is that this effort has experienced delays. Therefore I believe that it is better to follow the format we currently have running on the OKRs Initiative: open up the process for anybody to get involved in, and later establish a working group who can be held accountable.

The Working Group will remain separate from; but still function alongside the Elected Committee (see below).

Financial implications

The requested budget is based on a projected idea of operations that are needed, in order to fulfil the Season 1 scope of work, as laid out above. Team syncs, liaising with external organisations, drafting documents, research & development, as well as other miscellaneous tasks which serve this effort.


The following people will comprise the initial working group, based on them previously expressing an interest in helping to build out this Program. To reiterate the above: the Working Group will remain separate from, but still function alongside the Elected Committee.

  • @luan: core contributor, founder of (and leading) the AxisOne Program

  • @aakansha12: core contributor, R&D, Fellowships Lead

  • @Cannablitch: core contributor, Partnerships

  • @Committee_Member: season-specific elected contributor role

Success Metrics & KPIs

Ethos + Charter

  • Construct a Charter for the AxisOne Program prior to its rollout, and get it ratified — the charter focuses on WHO are we? and WHAT do we do?

  • Create an Ethos for the AxisOne Program prior to its rollout, and get it ratified — the ethos focuses on the HOW i.e the standards by which the Charter is upheld.

  • Define a process by which the Ethos that is signed on-chain each season by the elected Committee, can be archived and easily referenced.

Elected Committee

Hold an election to vote in the Season 1 Committee that will be tasked with deciding who will be awarded memberships, in accordance with the ratified Charter.


Successfully consolidate the scholarships pathway under the AxisOne Program (contingent upon @dabit3).


  • Establish a framework for fulfilling Season 1 duties between the working group and Elected Committee (asynchronous tasks, regular meetings etc)

  • Establish a framework for awarding scholarships, selecting organisations, and allocating memberships

Axis Fund

Set up multi-sig to receive donations.

Minimum Viable Credentials

Define a framework around minimum viable credentials (MVC) that members of the elected Committee are to possess, in future seasons (e.g. experience with on-chain voting procedures and governance).


  • Host feedback call with existing D_D members who have gone through Gitcoin’s Kernel Program (@aakansha12 + @luan)

  • Have a basic outline of this pathway completed, by the end of Season 1

  • Compile a v1.0 list of potential partnerships to help facilitate this pathway’s success

Next Steps

The immediate next steps are focusing on finalizing a draft of the Charter and Ethos, putting out a call to action, and then electing who will comprise the Committee for Season 1.

This is one of the most important initiatives coming out of this community, and it is hugely important that we adequately invest in it.


Another name of Fellowship/Programm x?

it’s the new name for it. the name ‘program-x’ was just a temporary placeholder, until I finished thinking through how the pieces were to fit.